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Are you just beginning to learn and would like to become a professional copywriter but don’t know how to begin?

Are you curious to know the real secret to generating life-changing online income…?
It’s copywriting.

Copywriting is one of the most sought-after skills for 2022 more than an art form of writing that could lead to high salary and flexible working hours.
It’s not easy for someone who is just beginning their career as a copywriter to figure out the best place to begin the process of learning about copywriting.

However, I would suggest that new learners enrol on a free copywriting course prior to purchasing an expensive course, but in reality, you need to develop the necessary skills…

Remember, Copywriting skills can take years to truly master, and it is a worthy area of study.

If you’re interested to learn how to write copy to improve your engagement with your content this article will provide the following list of 6 free online copywriting courses with certification.

These will provide you with the basics of copywriting from beginning to finish. The most appealing aspect is that they’re absolutely free.
A majority of these courses are taught by industry professionals with good reviews, as well as downloadable materials (free copies of copywriting courses pdf) and class assignments, and in some instances certification of completion or CPE credits.

The 6 best free copywriting courses for beginners will assist you improve your writing in the event that you dedicate the time needed to master the craft.

Let’s get started…

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 Free Copywriting course – Write copy to Sell like a Pro

Copywriting is the art of creating persuasive marketing materials that encourage users to take some kind of action, like buy something or click on the link, contribute to an organisation, or request an appointment.

Copywriting is everywhere !

If you go through your mailbox,there are plenty of obvious instances of writing. Restaurant promotions catalogues, fundraising correspondence from charitable organisations, and sales letters for various services .

When it comes to web pages for landing, copywriting is creating and arranging information to make it easier for visitors to are willing to take your offer, whether it’s a lead-generating eBook or a brand-new product.

These all are examples of copywriting.

Landing pages are most essential for generating leads.Check out blog on What are the biggest landing page mistakes you should avoid to generate a lead and Pepper are some of the best tools for copywriting that uses artificial intelligence to write high- converting content for your emails, ads,landing pages, product descriptions, headlines for websites and blog listings, posts and much more

There’s a distinct difference between copywriting and content marketing.
When the content writer informs, entertains or educates while a copywriter moves the ball farther into the field, making readers action-oriented.

It’s not unusual for a copywriter who is successful to also write content
A free copywriting course 2022 will teach the basics of creating a copy in an environment of marketing materials and other materials for business.

Contrary to editorial writing or other kinds that require writing, this one is targeted towards persuasion and influence and guiding visitors through the journey of the buyer.


The courses listed below can provide you with numerous advantages, such as:    ●  The fundamentals of writing and creating web content    ●  The ability to write interesting and captivating blog posts that draw users back to your site

    ●  A greater understanding of the way marketing functions

The importance of copywriting

Every  plan  has  the  same  basic  features  that  include  daily  backups.

Best free copywriting courses

Copywriting is required for ads whitepapers, websites press announcements, social media and many other things in addition to. Its main function is to convince a specific group of people to feel a particular way and then take action as a consequence.
Copywriting can encourage potential clients or customers to move further towards making a purchase by convincing readers to be engaging, entertaining and even captivating readers.

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Online copywriting courses for free will get you started on understanding how branding and advertising function.
If you have an opportunity to improve your career and increase your abilities without breaking the bank, then take advantage of it.

The free courses will give you an idea of what’s needed and desired as an experienced copywriter.
You’ll know that you’ll want to improve your skills before making a substantial financial and time commitment.
Make sure you take into consideration what you can learn from the copywriting courses you’re taking and, even when they are free they will provide you with valuable advice that will aid in your writing.

Does copywriting pay well?

Yes !

Copywriting is a highly-paying profession that many copywriters earn more hourly wages than lawyers. They don’t have to rate their services on industry standards If they’re really proficient at what they do.
Don’t skimp! Also, enjoy the lessons.

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Best Copywriting courses for free.

1. Best Copywriting for beginners: How to write a web copy that sells without being cheesy (skillshare).

This copywriting online course that comes with a certificate was created for people looking to create a piece of copy that is a success.
This course is highly-rated since more than 12,000 students have completed the course online for free.
The instructor of the course will be Jesse Forrest, a master copywriter for 14 years who has developed and created advertisements for 153 distinct goods and services. Jesse is also a consultant for important brands such as Chanel, Disney, Sony along JP Morgan.
This copywriting course for freelancers includes a one-hour video on demand instructing students on the differences between copywriting and content writing knowing your target readers, how to create headlines, how you can create calls to move, how to convert features into advantages and the value of demonstration.
This online course is free and free of charge on copywriting and hosted on Skillshare that provides a one-month trial for access to more than 29,000+ courses as well as downloadable documents (free Copywriting Course PDF)
You can unsubscribe at any time, so sign up now!
This is among the most popular online copywriting courses that come with a certificate for novices!

2 . Complete copywriting course: Write to sell like a pro(Udemy)

This is among the most effective beginner courses for those looking to learn about copywriting but haven’t yet seen tangible outcomes.
This online course teaches established techniques and formulas that you can apply to your website, business blog or online store.
The instructors of the course include Rob Percival and Tamsin Henderson Code experts in copywriting and education who have taught more than 1.5 million students in a variety of disciplines of study.
The lessons in this 3-hour freelance copywriting course will teach you the art of writing calls to action and titles, press releases and e-mails.
It also explains the difference between benefits and features of writing formulas for copywriting, as well as alternatives to taking your copywriting education to the next step in your training in copywriting.
This course is also offered on Udemy which gives students access for life to all download material (free copies of the course) , additional articles as well as class projects and a certificate of achievement.
This is among the top free online copywriting courses that come with a certificate for novices! Go to to register to take this course.

3. Marketing Copywriting Course (LinkedIn Learning)

This 2-hour class teaches students how you can write a piece that converts while conveying the story of your company and promoting your product.
Instructor Ian Lurie will show you the basic guidelines for copywriting, the different types of copywriting, advantages of writing on paper, writing the initial draft as well as writing and testing deadlines as well as rewriting the copy, enhancing content to suit platforms, structuring your copy to print or online delivery and also how to employ typography.
Each lesson is followed with exercises, quizzes assignments, and challenges to allow you to practise the concepts taught in the lectures.

The online free courses on copywriting also instruct students how you can manage your team of copy editors as well as brand voice and the editorial calendar. Course materials can also be downloaded offline.

This is among the most popular online copywriting classes with certification for beginner copywriting!

3. Marketing Copywriting Course (LinkedIn Learning)

The extent to which your business grows or falls apart can be judged by the words you choose to use in your advertising text.

Some of the most successful strategies are only effective when they have an appropriate target audience in today’s highly competitive marketplace with a remarkably short attention span.
Evan Kimbrell, co-founder, and designer of various marketing solutions is the trainer.


Techniques for copywriting, business-to-business vs. business-to-consumer, headlines and call-to-actions, copywriting for mailings and online networks are just a handful of the subjects that are included in this seven-hour, free web-based course in copywriting.


This Udemy course also includes six hours of online video, eight articles, 51 downloadable materials, lifetime access, internet-based and television access as well as homework, a Certificate of Achievement, and much more.

It’s among the best free online copywriting classes for novices, and includes certificates.
The course is taught in English but subtitles (subtitles) that are in Indonesian, Polish, Thai, Romanian, Italian, and French to help you understand the course.

5. Honeycopy Copywriting Course (Honeycopy).

The course’s title reads “How to write words that sell like a Florida snow cone vendor on the hottest day of the year,” which means that the purpose of the course is to help you dramatically increase the amount of revenue you earn.

The name of the course is evidence of the quality of copywriting. This online copywriting course for free was designed by a group of professionals from the industry who are committed to sharing their expertise and knowledge with others.

It covers topics such as making headlines that stand out as well as writing simply and improving concepts, avoiding clichés in ads and creating a distinctive and consistent image for your brand.

This course is ideal for students of any level of experience. It offers a range of materials that can be downloaded (free copies of copywriting course pdf) and assignments for class publications, as well as lifelong access to the course’s content.

This is among the most popular online courses in copywriting for novices with the certification!

6. Quick Course on Effective Website Copywriting (CXL)

Apart from the design, a well-designed website is dependent on excellent copywriting.
This is where the writing of great advertising copy comes into play. The CXL Institute staff CXL institute boasts a dazzling client portfolio that comprises Cisco, Google, Hewlett Packard, Progressive, Home Depot, Ikea, and Hilton.
The free online courses on writing are self-paced and suitable for any level of experience.
The course covers topics such as outline, research, guides, conversion boost revision, draft copy, rearrangement and then the test.
The course also provides access to other marketing courses and downloadable materials (free copies of the copywriting courses pdf) as well as digital certificates.
It is among the top free online copywriting classes with certificates for novices!


I hope after reading this blog you might have an idea about how to start learn copywriting for free and how to get certified in copywriting

Well !

Copywriting is a skill that could take many years to master.
Reading a book will not create an expert.
Writing daily – day in and day out – will eventually build your abilities.
I hope any one of these courses can give you a head start.
If you would like to keep learning, join our Copywriting Courses to be a master.our course is for individual business owners who want to dive much deeper into copywriting.
Your success is awaiting . Take action now.
All the best
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