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Sreeresh K

Sreeresh K

Digital Marketing Manager | Growth Hacker | Freelancer | Blogger | Amazon Ecommerce Specialist | Trainer


I am Sreeresh, a dedicated digital marketing freelancer in Kerala and a passionate growth hacker.


During that time , it never had in my wildest dream that one day I will work as expert freelance digital marketing service in Kerala.

My journey to digital marketing begins with blogging. I started to write blogs about pets in 2009 there I came to know about scopes and possibilities of digital marketing in the then upcoming period. It was quite hard to learn without a proper mentor. As it says, Great things never come from comfort zones.

I started to explore out of my comfort station and the result was mind blowing. Those hardships and struggles help me to mould my students and I can teach them from my experiences. It really helps them fly with colorful wings.

There were mistakes, troubles and hurdles during the initial stage of digital marketing Kerala expedition. However, I learned from my mistakes, re-define hurdles and all that paved for better opportunities and mastery over the subject.

digital freelance marketer

Studies, teachings and detailed analysis of digital marketing elements equip me to emerge as a digital marketing freelancer in Kerala .I consider adopting freelance work as another method for understanding the course deeply.

There were errors, mistakes and flaws, but I strive hard to learn and discover.

Gradually errors came down, flaws decreased and I began to master the subject and it raised an expert freelance digital marketing service in Kerala. The mastery over the subject is the consequence of curiosity. I was curious all the way in my life.

 Gradually, entrepreneurs started to approach me for winning-strategies, victorious tactics, and powerful digital marketing techniques.
My appearance as a freelance digital strategist
It was the beginning of my expedition as a *freelance digital marketing specialist. I started to provide freelance digital marketing conslutation. It opens for more opportunities.
Today, I can render a service which is flawless,impeccable and perfect.
All these are the outcome of hard work,determination and consistency.

digital marketing packages in Kerala

How can I help you as freelance digital marketing specialist

The available digital marketing packages in Kerala .Each digital marketing service is different for different businesses, It can be chosen upon each business type.

Some of popular digital marketing services are given below.


Search Engine Optimization

We can help you showcase your business on the first page, thereby aiding you in improving the visibility of your business and increasing the ROI of your company.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing involves the marketing of products or services through social media platforms that can help you connect with your target audience to establish your brand, boost sales and increase online traffic.

Email Marketing & Automation

We have built your company through E-Mail marketing. It is the use of emails to advertise your products or service to solicit donations or sales.

Search engine Marketing

We promote your company through Google Ads and SEM strategies which help improve the return on investment for your business

Content Marketing

Content marketing can be described as a marketing method that is focused on producing and distributing relevant, valuable, and consistent content that will draw and keep an identifiable audience.

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I am ready to help you as a digital marketing freelancer in Kerala. You just need to provide details about your business and I will provide a complete digital strategy to grow your business.
It is a clear frame to increase sales, strengthen branding and maximize your profit into 10 X.

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Who is a successful digital marketing freelancer?

A successful digital marketing freelancer is working on the basis of strategies, which means no same platforms for every business. Deeply studied about the business, find out their target audience, made appealing strategies. Finally, implement it and make higher conversions.

How much does a freelance digital marketer cost?

It depends on the service and product . NO same cost. It varies from project to project.

Can digital marketing be freelancing?

Yes! Of course, The freelance market in digital marketing offers an excellent career option for those with a desire to work in the field of digital marketing as well as for those looking to pursue a career in the area of digital marketing.

How much do freelance digital marketing expert earn?

A typical digital marketing freelancer in Kerala will earn an average of 10 thousand for each keyword from different project . The salary of a digital marketing freelancer will differ based on the project’s size, portfolio of clients , , experience in the field, and the level of expertise.

Do digital marketers work from home?

The answer is a big yes, there are different digital marketing work from jobs. It is helpful for those who are looking for work options as well as earning a passive income from the comfort of their home.

How much can a fresher earn in digital marketing?

As per reports The median salary to the Digital Marketing beginner level/newbie is around the amount of 3.0 Lacs up to 4.0 Lacs per year. there are different ways to earn income as a digital marketing freelancer