Acquaint yourself in how to become a self made digital marketing expert


How to become a self made digital marketing expert

Looking at the heading, you might feel like I am bluffing about becoming a self made digital marketing expert,

This is something I have gone through, surpassing the conventional norms of being spoon-fed and staying persistent to become what I have dreamed of.

So, How to become a self made digital marketing expert?

digital marketing specialist

Well, this is not an easy task to do. But, once you have a target locked in your ambition, say which might take you another few years to master, never back down or procrastinate.

Take the case of a determined youth located in some part of India, say a few years back. Will he be able to achieve this dream?

Yes, and No, considering what kind of person he/ she was. Being a self made digital marketing expert a few years back was a tough call to make.

On the other hand, nowadays, youth are entirely submerged in the ocean of the digital world. The scope of digital marketing is emerging every day, hours, minutes, and seconds.

Then the only question arising is, are you upto it?

Once you have the proper answer to this thought-provoking question, you might also have the answer to the doubts related to your strengths.

Nobody is born perfect. Everyone who lives on this planet can live their life to the fullest if they are ready to come out of their so-called comfort zone.

Now to the point,

How to become a self made digital marketing expert?

digital marketing roles

Digital marketing as a career option would be one of the best choices you would have made.

If you don’t have much budget with you or prefer to know the basics for free, then Google E-learning will be the place for you. There are many such free courses offered online.

1. Observe, perceive and comprehend the digital marketing roles

digital marketing roles

Read as many blogs, articles, and books on digital marketing, as this can help you in many future doubts regarding your digital marketing works.

Reading can help you remember most key points and tactics; the only thing is that you have to be focused.

I can recommend you blogs of websites like:-

➥ Search engine journal/ SEJ
➥ Neil Patel’s blog
➥ The MOZ blog
➥ Search Engine Land
➥ Nexxa Digital Academy blogs
➥ Nexxa Corporates blogs

These blogs mentioned above have covered digital marketing and its aspects in a large spectrum.

2. Watch youtube videos

how to become a self made digital marketing expert

Check out youtube videos related to digital marketing as much as you can, and get a glimpse of how digital marketers work.

There are also videos on youtube that mentions tips and tricks to remember when doing digital marketing roles.

Top digital marketing youtube channels are:-

➥ Ahrefs
➥ Moz
➥ Unbounce
➥ Exposure ninja
➥ Backlinko

These top-quality youtube channels explain different aspects of digital marketing and how they do it with ease.

When you watch these youtube videos or read blog topics on them, make sure you create a note for yourself for your understanding.

Make a note of the key points mentioned in the blog and videos; this makes you remember the things you have gathered knowledge on.

3. Choose your niche


Niche is your passion. Rather than starting blogs or youtube channels on something which you do for the sake of doing it may cause you more destruction than profit.

Find your passion, check if you have the talent for that passion, and keep in mind the market value of that particular niche before fixing that.

Richard Koch once said;

“ Choose the niche that you enjoy, where you can excel and stand a chance of becoming an acknowledged leader.”

Once you choose your niche, if it is blogging you have preferred, do some research and start writing for free.

When I say start writing for free, I meant to create a social media account and post media and report contents.

Similarly, enhance your writing habit by writing on free websites like 750 words. This site makes you write 750 words every day.

By doing so, you can be more confident and rectify the errors in your writing style and that’s exactly how to become a self made digital marketing expert in the future.

4. Build your own website

digital marketing specialist

Getting a domain and hosting the website can be done at a lower cost nowadays. You can purchase a domain from domain purchasing websites like

Hosting can be economical by using cheap web hosting services like Bluehost, Domain racer, and hostinger.

With the help of wordpress, you can gradually develop your website to a fresh new look.

In today’s world, everything can be learned with ease. Moreover, each and every informative material is available online.

With the help of free tools like google analytics, you can track your website and have comprehensive analytical data processed to track how well your website is performing.

Digital marketing jobs

If you are aiming to work in a digital marketing firm to find digital marketing jobs, then you can aim for the following digital marketing roles:-

● SEO Trainee/Intern
● Junior SEO executive
● SEO executive/analyst/consultant
● Senior SEO executive/analyst/consultant
● SEO team leader
● SEO manager
● Online marketing manager
● Digital marketing freelancer

Digital marketing salary for freshers is a treat for newcomers to the digital marketing industry, there are numerous opportunities in digital marketing as going digital is the new normal.

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How to become a digital marketing specialist?


Since we spoke about how to become a self made digital marketing expert, let’s look at how to become a digital marketing specialist.

A digital marketing specialist works hand in hand with other company marketers to lay the strategies for an unparalleled outcome for the company.

A digital marketing specialist plans the perfect PPC ads campaign, SEO strategies, and social media.

This particular job profile requires more and more practice as these digital marketing positions deal with more tactical inputs and outcomes.

For more elaborate practice you can always choose the best digital marketing internship programs by joining one of the best digital marketing courses.

Enquire about internship programs


The digital marketing scope is on the rise day by day. I will totally recommend these steps that you can follow and make a difference in your life. If you are planning to work as a freelancer, check out our blog on how to become a successful digital marketing freelancer.

I have followed these similar patterns and worked hard, and was persistent. That’s how to become a self made digital marketing expert.

You can also be an expert in digital marketing if you are willing to come out of your comfort zone and be persuasive in whatever you wish to achieve.


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