9 Best Digital marketing jobs for freshers in 2021



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 Once upon a time I was just flipping a magazine and came across a quote. Big jobs usually go to the men who have proved their ability to outgrow the small ones.

That is true
A right statement.
Freshers often felt drained and hopeless while searching for a job. They look for high-paying jobs but they commonly get peanuts and it makes their situation worse.

But 9 digital marketing jobs for freshers narrate another story.
High scope ,
Lakhs and lakhs of opportunities in every year
Flexible jobs, you can work from anywhere
Able to land in six-digit salary easily

Wow !
Amazing !
Right ?
Let me tell you how to get digital marketing job
Before that,let us delve into why digital marketing is booming and the term is buzzing all around.

Digital marketing is the combination of marketing and technology.
Marketing, in the sense , understanding human psychology well.
Yes, the term digital marketing is defined as a component of marketing that utilizes internet or online based technologies to promote products or services.
I hope you understand the importance of digital marketing in the current scenario.

What is our situation now ?
We understood our home is the safest place in the world, our health is our wealth,living at the moment is one of the greatest treasures we took for ourselves.
Right ?
We observe social distancing and depend on the digital medium to satisfy our day-to-day needs.

Internet users are spiking in India, Digitalisation in India is at its best.

That leads to an increase in the number of digital marketing companies and digital marketing institutes.

Because our consumer behaviour has changed much, today nothing does without the assistance of digital medium or digital products.
For an instance, have a look on zoom conference, ecommerce store, e-learning platforms etc,

Yes , digitization is thriving, and data plays a crucial role.
So digital marketing jobs are attractive, hot and trending.
There are different types of jobs in digital marketing
Before counting different best digital marketing jobs, have a glance at 9 freshers jobs in digital marketing.

How to find right keywords

Digital marketing jobs are the hottest job today. The vacancy is very high. But, it is not easy to a job in digital marketing.

Don’t be sad
Don’t get depressed
I have a little secret to share with you.
The secret is practical knowledge, hands-on experience.
If you have hands -on experience, you are the hottest in the field.
Digital marketing companies will hire you instantly, no matter if you are a fresher .

So let us have a look at different types of jobs in digital marketing you can grab as a fresher.


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Check out the digital marketing job roles and responsibilities


How to find right keywords

1. Digital marketing executive jobs


Digital marketing executive job, very crucial and specific in the spectrum of digital marketing.
Look the roles and responsibilities of digital marketing executive
☐ Attain specific goals in generating leads, marketing communication,brand image and conversion of leads.
☐ Marketing of digital and other products or services.
☐ Develop strategy for marketing products and services.
☐ Monitor the performance of digital marketing campaigns.
☐ Analysing market, competitor and creating plan, implement it .

Working environment
Offline and WFH (able to work anywhere around the globe.)

Career progress
SEO executive jobs is just an initial step in the SEO ladder.There are different job roles in SEO and based on your skills, knowledge and experience you can reach at the top.


2. Social media marketing executive


Social media marketing executive is a person who manages all social media channels,team members and campaigns in order to engage customers.
Social media marketing executive job role
● Manage all social media channels
● Create brand awareness
● Understand behavioural aspect of potential customers
● Keep up to date with social media trends
● Create social media report

Work environment

Whether it is online or offline, you spend hours on different social media platforms and perform your job.wow, lucky ! right ?

Career progress

An entry -level job paves for the biggest opportunities in the field.


3. Search engine marketing executive


Search engine marketing executives are responsible to manage all paid campaigns in google, bing and other search engines.they plan paid marketing campaigns and calculate the ROI.
Job role of search engine marketing executive
Collect , analyse data and identify trends, get insights to maximise ROI
Manage advertising cost, stay on budget and estimate the sum of campaign
Optimise landing page and copy for campaign
Perform paid keyword research
Understand the competitor’s advertising skill

Work environment
You can work in an office environment and be able to work from home too. Here you are playing with data, working more on your analytical skills.
Career growth
Search engine executives have many opportunities and high paying salaries.


4. Content marketing executive


A content marketing executive is responsible to engage the customers with creative content.crate content by analyzing the demographics and enlight and engage them.

Responsibility of content marketing executive:

● Create long- term content marketing strategy
● Develop a content strategy that aligns with brand value
● Create content and measure its reach
● Develop an insight about the trends
● Compile content reports
● Understand audience and try to attract, educate and engage audience

Work environment
A laptop and stable network connection is required, you can anywhere around the globe. Yes you can work from the office or work from home.all you need is a research mentality and ability to convince readers with your words.

Career growth
Content marketing executives have high demand and a good-paying scale. Once you enter the field, your career will prosper up to content manager.


5. Email marketing executive


Email marketing executive come under the umbrella of digital marketing and the individual must master the technical aspect of email,drivie traffic and enable conversions.

Roles and responsibility of email marketing executive:

● Create and monitor wide range of email marketing campaigns
● Optimise email for mobile
● Secure email – database for future campaign
● Tracking and analysing campaign result
● Support other digital marketing efforts

Work environment
Get ready to play with emails and market your products and services .

Career growth
Once you enter the email marketing arena, more chances to go high in the career ladder.


6. SEO content writer

SEO content writer is a person who writes to impress the bot and humans alike .He must possess good knowledge about keyword insertion and be able to attract an audience.

Role and responsibility of SEO content writer:
● Writing SEO optimised content
● Content writing strategy analysis
● Research ability
● Ability to attract and engage audience with words


7. SEO Analyst

SEO analyst is responsible for building and improving your brand’s online presence.the job role starts from conducting keyword research to improve its user experience.
Responsibility of SEO Analyst:

● Conduct keyword research
● Analyse website and made recommendations for improvement
● Monitoring web traffic and developing strategies
● Generate content ideas
● Update outdated content
● Develop link building strategies

Work environment
You are free to work anywhere around the world.Please make sure you have strong internet connection and a laptop.

Career development
Please begin your journey as a SEO analyst and get ready to earn promotions.


8. Social media writer

Social media writer is responsible for writing content for different social media platforms.

Social media content writer role and responsibility:

● Write and publish engaging content in different social media platforms
● Optimise social media content based on audience behaviour
● Coordinate with other team members to create engaging content
● Track, analyse and report social media insights .

Work environment

Sit and relax on different social media platforms and understand your audience. Write for them.


9. Digital marketing coordinator


As the name suggests, a digital marketing coordinator is responsible for coordinating various activities in the field of digital marketing.
The activities include,:

● Support different marketing initiatives
● Create and manage mailing lists
● Research marketing trends
● Coordinate marketing events
● Developing content for digital platform
● Work environment
● Digital marketing coordinator must be able to coordinate different tasks and be able to assign duties to different professionals.

Career development

A digital marketing coordinator can choose a niche and excel in their own area of interest.

Not satisfied with this information , read digital marketing career 2021, and collect as much as information you can .


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How to build a rewarding career in digital marketing as a fresher ?

How to do keyword research for SEO

Are you confused about skills required to excel in the digital marketing domain.basically, some skills are necessary to reap results in digital marketing.
Yes, you need to weigh the below points.
In order to attain digital marketing jobs for freshers, read it , try it and be winner

1. Learn the digital skills
Digital skills are necessary to live todays technology world.In digital marketing, you need to know basic digital skills.don;t worry, if you are unknown about digital skills.once you enroll, the digital marketing course, you will learn unknowingly.
As a fresher, you keep increasing your digital skills by reading informative blogs, watching best YouTube videos and listening to podcasts etc .

2. Understand the job position you need
Once you finish a digital marketing course, you will get an idea about different job roles and understand which job is more suitable for you.Know yourself,know the job role, increase your knowledge in that particular field

3. Polish your resume
Your resume speaks on behalf of you. Try to create an impressive resume.
Any doubt ?
Try to figure out , how to create digital marketing fresher resume
Double check your resume style, template and skills you exhibit .

4. Strong presence in Linkedin
Linkedin is a professional network where a student is able to find jobs as a fresher.so start your Linkedin voyage today.I know you might have been confused about how to find jobs on LinkedIn.
Don’t confuse, read the blog linkedin online job for freshers.
I am sure it will guide you through your Linkedin journey.read it now , thank me later.

5. Find an expert mentor
A mentor is a person who guides inexperienced fellows with proper guidance.In digital marketing,a mentor is necessary to guide you thoroughly. A mentor is necessary to make your career path easier.
Many more benefits, to know more, check the blog

6. Never stop learning process
Digital marketing is a field that is still evolving, changes happen very frequently.so don’t stop learning. If you stop learning, you stop growing.keep on learning, reap a highly rewarding career in digital marketing.

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I’m sure you are eager to know about digital marketing salary for freshers, I’m sure it will quench your thirst. Have a look and thank me later.


certifications that strengthen the portfolio of digital marketing fresher

Keyword Research tools



Digital marketing is booming. The field is growing and technology is continuously strengthening. As a digital marketing fresher; you need to increase your experience .Find a way to enhance your portfolio, talk with experts, attend conferences and webinars are some ways to enhance your knowledge . Try to maximise your experience.And don’t miss best digital marketing jobs for freshers in 2021.

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