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By  Sreeresh |  Date  :  08-December-2022

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Google Partner in India

Does your business handle Google Ads for third parties and are you able to maintain some kind of performance with the pay-per-click platform? If yes, you might consider becoming a Google Partner, the search giant’s exclusive club for members.

Signing up for Google Partners program can provide you with a wealth of benefits, including expert instruction, invitations to exciting events and targeted instruction to help you improve your Google Ads performance.

You are already aware of how Google Ads works. They generate 50% organic traffic and the majority of businesses earn twice their advertising budget, making advertising through Google extremely efficient and easy to understand.

Anyone can benefit from the Google PPC system to market their products to Google and expand their business (with the proper budget and knowledge).

Only a few website is accepted as Google Partners and earns the world’s most popular endorsement for a search engine as well as other advantages.

Here’s the information you need to know about becoming a Google partner in India.

What is Google Partner

Google Partners is a Google Partners program is designed specifically for advertising agencies as well as third organizations who run Google Ads accounts on behalf of businesses or other brands. It is a Google Partners program is active across more than 60 countries, and is accessible in 43 languages.

The program gives thousands of partners with strategic benefits that focus on education, information, support and access and reward and recognition. Its aim is to empower companies with innovative tools, resources and support that will help clients make the most the benefits of Google Ads campaigns.

Three levels of involvement in the Google Partners programme are available: Member, Partner, and Premier Partner. Each level has its own extensive set of perks and chances to forge closer links with Google.

Find the Specialities of Google Partner That Interest You

As a Google Partner, You can choose to focus on one of the Google Ads products. This includes Search Advertising; Video Advertising, Display Advertising, and Shopping Ads.

Let’s look at what they are-

  • Search: By completing this course of certification you demonstrate your ability to design and create ads that work well in Google search. This means that they are prominently displayed and get clicks with intent to purchase. In the event that you require assist others on the best strategy for keywords and budgeting because you’re a search engine expert.


  • Video: This certificate demonstrates your experience in the implementation and optimizing YouTube ads.


  • Display: This area of certification provides you with the ability to create visually appealing advertisements that catch the attention of consumers who visit two million sites and 650000 apps on Google’s network of combined networks.


  • Shopping If you are a Shop Google Partner Advertising you are familiar with how to list items for sale on Google Search and set up your Merchant Center inventory. Additionally, you know how to make successful Google Shopping campaigns.  

How to Join the Program


Anyone can try to join the programme by submitting a free application to become a Google Partner. You may get all the knowledge you need on Google to ace the examinations and succeed in your chosen certification field. It is entirely up to you whether or not you pass the certification examinations.

Benefits of Becoming a Google Partner

Google partner

Google is determined to help for you to clear the test and succeed with your Google Ads initiatives. To assist you, Google gives you access to a variety of vital benefits, such as training, support, expanded coverage, and more.

  • Education to Succeed

Google has put all of its efforts into to provide you with the most effective Google Ad education possible. Learning courses with Skillshop aid you in enhancing and honing your abilities, and certifications are given to demonstrate your expertise. Google also offers an array of cases, connections to professionals with similar interests and more.

  • Valuable Support

Google’s support team is here to assist you with your queries by providing the right advice as well as a wealth of information that includes the Google Ads assistance centre.

  • Expanded Reach

Google Connect is a great tool for displaying your thought leadership. Google Connect, you can showcase your thinking leadership and organize events that are co-branded. You can even sign up new clients or present prospective ones to you by using Google Ads promotional offers.

  • Business Acceleration

The Google Acceleration programme is a unique online educational system that is designed to assist you in enhancing your business’s performance and skills.

  • Bonus Rewards

When you join this Google Partners Rewards program, you have the chance to increase your knowledge by participating in the quarterly challenges that are designed to help you find new clients, enhance campaigns, and obtain certification.

Additionally, you can access seasonal insight such as presentation decks, product tips and other thrilling rewards. There’s also the chance of winning prizes.

How to Become a Google Partner in India

When your company has joined the Google Partners program, your business can develop a stronger relationship by being an official Google Partner.

Being an official Google Partner means that your business is recognized as a leader in maximizing the success of campaigns for your clients, accelerating growth by ensuring that clients’ campaigns are maintained and by demonstrating Google Ads skills and expertise through the requisite certifications. 

As an official Google Partner, your company can enjoy many advantages, such as the ability to show your Google Partners badge on your site and on marketing documents.

There are three requirements categories that include: Performance, Spend and certifications. These Google Partner criteria are reviewed every day. The categories of requirements along with the minimum thresholds in each one are listed as follows: 

  • Performance: The requirement for performance assists in ensuring that you effectively and efficiently manage Google Ads campaigns to obtain the best outcomes for your customers.It is important to note that your Google Partners registered Ads manager account must be able to achieve a minimum optimization score of 70%. 


  • Spend: Your Google Partners registered Ads manager account has to be maintained at the same 90-day spend of $10,000 USD across your managed accounts.

  • Certification: Your Google Partners registered Ads manager account must be at least 50 per cent of your account strategists who are certified by Google Ads (capped at 100 users) in addition to at least one certificate in every product area that has the campaign spending of at least $500 USD within 90 days (for examples, for example, Display, Search, Video Shopping, and Apps).

Account strategists can be employees within your business who oversee Google Ads campaigns on behalf of your clients.

We’ll be able to know the number of employees in your organization is account strategists, and they should be certified according to the work they do every day by visiting the Company information page on the Partners program tab and then selecting your drop-down menu.

How to become a Google premier partner

To become a Google Premier Partner , a company must fulfil the partner standards and rank in the top 3% of all participating companies in a given nation (as assessed annually).

The following are only a few of the variables that go into determining the top 3%:

  • Client Growth in year-over-year ad spending and ad spending among new Google Ads clients are two indicators of a partner’s capacity to both retain and get new clients.

  • Ability to maintain client business as evidenced by the consistency of client retention across time.

  • Diversity of products Investment that has been proven in the results-oriented product mix outside of Search, as seen by the percentage of money spent on Display, Apps, Video, and Shopping each year.

  • Investing in Google Ads or the Google Marketing Platform is assessed by the amount spent across all managed accounts over a given year.


Google Partner Badge Requirements

You can be given consideration for a Partner badge once you’ve signed up as a Google Partner and proven your knowledge of Google Ads. To apply, you’ll need to fulfil a few more prerequisites.

  • Growth

You must continuously demonstrate rising ad income, growth, and a growing customer base

  • Ad Spend

Across all of your managed accounts, you must spend $10,000 on advertising within the next 90 days. This communicates to Partners that business activity at your organisation is at a healthy level. Over the course of an 18-month period, Google Partners will evaluate your account based on your manager’s account.

To ensure that you get the most out of those dollars, just remember to adhere to Google Ad’s best practices.

  • Certification

One Google Ads-certified user with admin or standard access to the Google Ads management account is required for your business. Any account connected to your manager’s account may also be the culprit.

How to get Company Certification

google premier partner
  • Understanding the Google Partner Rules

Read the Google Partners Terms and Conditions carefully. When you have time, you should read the document. You’ve put a lot of money into Google Ads. You can play the game more successfully if you understand the rules well.
  • Initial Conditions

Google will ask about the size and organisational structure of your business, the services you offer, and your pricing policies. Your ability to consistently satisfy clients and the effectiveness of your Google Ad investments will be evaluated. Google wants to collaborate with forward-thinking businesses that have a healthy ad budget and make effective use of it, which is why they are subject to this level of inspection. By searching the web for transparent documentation that demonstrates client interaction, planning processes, frameworks, and templates, Google verifies you for Partner certification. Google wants to know that your clients can trust you to provide them with challenging solutions and satisfying outcomes. Finally, you need to have helpful content on your website that details your products and services in detail.
  • Requirements for Product Expertise

You must have at least five local, full-time professionals working with Google Marketing Platform products, according to certification standards. Each of them needs to have passed the relevant certification test. Google takes into account the size, knowledge, and certification rate of your workforce. The business states that it does offer exceptions for smaller businesses that have trouble complying with these specific criteria. Additionally, you must submit an in-depth analysis of each item you sell. Your capacity to go beyond simple or conventional implementations and leverage evidence from clients’ success stories and data will also be shown in the review. In short, Google wants a case study that demonstrates your ability to walk.  

How to Check the Status

You submitted an application for the Partners Program and have been waiting for a response. Check the status of your certification and take action.

If you don’t succeed in being certified, keep trying and make use of the resources Google provides. If you do that, you’ll undoubtedly become a Google Partner soon.

  1. Enter your Google Ads account information.
  2. Click the Partners programme tab in the left-side navigation.
  3. Find the card labelled “Badge status.” You can check to see if your business is a Premier Partner or a Google Partner.
  4. Click View details to discover more information about the status of your organisation.

This will take you to the Badge status table, where you can view your company’s status and how well it is doing in terms of the new Google Partner standards. Every day, the requirements are examined. You have 60 days to resume fulfilling the Partner criteria after ceasing to do so before losing access to your benefits.


The two advantages of becoming a Google Partner are having Google endorse you and having a Google Badge to prove it. Being an official Google partner also provides you with access to PPC as well as other subjects that are related to digital marketing in easily digestible classes. Read the blog on why business need to invest in digital marketing Google provides you with all the tools you need to manage a Google Ads campaign and keep it expanding for a very long time. Watch cautiously when clients notice your Google Badge. They might only require it for them to decide to select you for the future success of their Google Ad campaigns.