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best platform to create an e-commerce store

Best platform to create an eCommerce Store.

I know that headline is catchy and the reality behind that line is, it tends to change every now and then because technology is growing as fast as it can and innovations are released every tomorrow.

But currently, the answer to the question of which eCommerce platform is best for small businesses as well as any type of business is Shopify.

Shopify is currently hosting a total of more than 17,00,000 over 175 countries successfully.

As for the statistics report (2021), it is reported that 1.58 million websites are currently active on Shopify and it is one of the largest e-commerce platforms around the world.

This friendly platform that supports online shopping provides its users with a bunch of services, all necessities for any e-commerce business or online business like payment methods, marketing, shipping, customer engagement tools, apps, etc.

And customer service is really important. Sam Walton once said,

“The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary.”

All these exemplary attributes plus their impeccable additional support and features tag Shopify as the top E-Commerce platform for small businesses. Shopify also understands the importance of conversion rate optimization for e-commerce.There is also one more reason for this tagging which is affordable pricing methods. Did I get you there? Anyways, let’s dive more.

The best platform to create an e-commerce Store


Shopify is a cloudbased and hosted solution that helps one to create an e-commerce store or website to get a business running which was founded in 2006 by Tobias Lütke and Scott lake.

Currently, Shopify is ranked at the top among the international E-Commerce platforms.

If you widen your eyes and sharp your ears around social media alone, you can find tons of social and living proof for Shopify’s best performance.

However the set-up was not planned exactly to start as ‘Shopify, the founder’s initial Idea was to start an online business that can trade snowboarding items since they were deeply dissatisfied with the existing snowboarding equipment in E-Commerce marketing.

The initial start was named snowdevil and it took over two months for the development of the website.

Snowdevil was built from open web sources, after the completion of the E-comm Store the founder launched the website Shopify in 2006.

And that was the birth of Shopify.

The growth of Shopify was indeed gradual. They worked and introduced innovative and supportive strategies for their customers in their every forward step.

Shopify working capital has managed to acquire great affirmations and collaborations with trusted platforms worldwide like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and also released user-friendly features in each collaboration that help every user of Shopify to bring something new and helpful to the growth of their business.

This fast, responsible, reliable, and completely hosted solution was ranked as the #3 in Deloitte’s first 50 in Canada and #7 in Deloitte’s fast 500 of North America in 2014.

That was the same year when Shopify launched ‘Shopify Plus’ that exclusively supported and assisted big E-Commerce businesses with the providence of additional features and supports.

That was a quick run through the Shopify birth and beginning.

Now without giving any further stir, let’s check how Shopify is the best platform to create an eCommerce website.

Shopify features 


➤ Wide range of app selection

Shopify provides you with a large number of apps that can help you with various features within your page. There are tons of free and paid apps which you can choose according to your budget and plan. these apps will help you to;

➩ Cross-sell and upsell

➩ Recover abundant cards

➩ Delivery discount codes

➩ Convert more customers

➩ Incorporate security tactics

➩ Collector email address

➩ Display review and social proof

These are some of the major and common areas where the apps will help you to leverage the growth of your business through Shopify.

➤ Easily Customisable

Shopify’s unique features include customisation and this feature is the one that catches the eyes of most of the users. Shopify allows its users to customise their pages with available apps or with their own skills.

Shopify allows you to customise your website’s page with the help of apps or with the help of themes that they provide from the best online theme creators.

The most common and trusted page building app in Shopify is gem pages.

They provide a free trial for 7 days and it is a completely simple and minimal page builder which also comes along with endless options of templates that will help you to create a professional; about page, contact page, sales page, and block page.

Apps are optional.

If you want to reveal your own creativity and identity in your pages, then you can go for the option where you can build your own pages where all the responsibilities and necessities should be taken care of by yourself.

➤ Convenient Order Replacement

Order placement is always a headache when it comes to an online store.

There are a lot of aspects that you have to take deep care of and put extra effort and concentration into since there is a great chance of losing customers if you are careless about their assets. either its information or its money.

But Shopify being the best platform to create an e-commerce website gives you the ease and comfortability of convenient order placement.

All the messes and headaches related to the shipping and order placement are extremely taken care of by Shopify since they have great integration with USPS FedEx and UPS.

This integration is more than enough to show that shipping can be taken care of by experts.

Along with that they also provide an opportunity to calculate the shipping rates for customers convenient for both parties.

Since there are multiple integrations with various trusted shipping agencies, Shopify allows their users to provide the customers multiple shipping options according to which they are comfortable and their location is comfortable at their current situation.

The best part is i havent seen such vast integration in none among the top starring platforms of the e-coomerce platform list.

Another impeccable feature of the order placement in Shopify is they help to fulfil an order in seconds.

They provided an extremely fast pathway to complete an order placement and as soon as the order is placed shipment processes are occurring at a great pace.

And indeed this is why Shopify is the best dropshipping platform for beginners

Last but not least important and must-have features of order placement and shipment which is tracking orders easily.

Even the most popular e-commerce platforms lack the best features in this, but Shopify allows us to track the orders easily and also gives us a chance to turn around based on the circumstances that the orders are facing.

➤ Endless Templates and Themes

Templates and themes are another one among the eye-catching and important features of the Shopify website.

Shopify provides their uses and endless options of templates and themes that both come in both ways free and paid.

There are no things such as paid templates are more than free templates or paid themes are more than free teams.

Once you dive into the options of themes and templates you can see there is an endless ocean for both.

If you are a person who lacks creativity but has great strategy, I think you might be in very urgent need of these templates and themes.

But if you are a really creative person who loves to show your creativity and identity on your website, you can also use the themes and tablets since all these are easily customisable.

All the templates and themes that Shopify provides are exclusively created by professionals from various parts and various fields, so these will help you to make a great website.

It also help to make your brand more professional and since these templates and themes are free to design from all angles and by this, site-building can be a lot faster.

➤ Insights and Analytics

Insights and analytics are the features that you are going to see next from the best platform to create an e-commerce website.

The best business analytics course in Kerala recommend shopfy for students as an example to study.

Join a customized digital marketing course in Kerala

Shopify analytics and insights not only tells what’s happening on your website and within your customer’s circle, but also cross-check and gathers information around every corner of the world and curates data that can help you to leverage the growth of your business.

Shopify analytics tells you;

✔ Total sales

✔ Top traffic sources

✔ Devices customers are using

✔ Top landing pages by sessions

✔ Average order value

✔ # Of sessions

And much more.

Shopify insights show you;

✔ Which listings need improvement

✔ What items are trending

✔ Products that are selling well

✔ List of collaborative products

The features of the analytics and insights don’t end here.

We can dive more into the Shopify platform by creating an account for 14 days trial and further move into a regular one, that’s the next feature;

➤ 14 days Free Trial

Shopify provides every user the first 14 days of their usage as a trial period.

If they don’t provide a free trial, how can they become the best platform to create an e-commerce website?

Anyways, In this free trial period, the user gets to explore all the features that they will get in a paid account.

The only thing about the trial period is that it is free and it has a limit of 14 days after the 14 days the account is automatically ceased and will be only reactivated once you pay for it.

In this trial period of 14 days, the user can create his or her own website customise it and also start to add products.

If you are launching a product and selling it within the 14 days trial period you might need to provide the credit card details and the account details for the payment verifications.

14 days is a fortune of time for someone who is looking to explore the features and to check if Shopify is the right platform for them to create their own eCommerce business website.

Within the trial period if you like Shopify very much and want to upgrade to the paid version as soon as possible. then you can upgrade at any time.

If you want to downgrade your subscription level, then there is an option for that too.

➤ Multiple Payment Method Integrations

This is a problem that we tackle with every eCommerce platform that has only limited payment channels.

We have seen that there is a lot of loss happening in terms of the customers as well as in the sales due to the lack of multiple payment channels.

If customers don’t see a payment method that is convenient to them or is usually used by the man trusted by them there are chances for them to bounce.

But here Shopify integrates with multiple payment methods like Amazon pay, PayPal, Google pay, Apple pay, Shopify pay, and many more.

The providence of multiple payment channels assures you a better user experience and gives less objection to customers in making their purchases.

There are no other tangles related to tracking the money in real-time. You can track them with the help of analytics and tools provided by Shopify.

You can also choose which payment channels are the ones that you have to provide on your website. You can also find this in the Shopify dashboard.

All these exceptional features are the reason behind ranking Shopify as the best eCommerce platform for small businesses in India.


hosted eCommerce platforms

Exclusively Shopify’s

what is unique about Shopify

How to increase revenue through digital marketing?

Have you heard this question elsewhere. However if you want to use shopify to its full potential you might need some digital marketing tactics.

I have heard this question so many times,

what is unique about Shopify?

and down below I am going to list what is exclusively Shopify’s.

✔ Hosted solution– if we take a closer look at all the hosted eCommerce platforms we can see that Shopify has a really great hosting solution.

For beginners, it is usual to find web hosting as a real challenge. Since Shopify is a cloud-based and hosted solution, it is really simple for you to access your website anywhere and anytime you don’t have to worry about the servers or the database.

All you require is the login details and a stable internet connection.

✔ Pagespeed– Shopify is hosted with Google cloud services which means you don’t have to go for another shared hosting for acquiring that dedicated page speed.

Third-party hosting services or additional charges are not required in Shopify.

Due to this reason, the loading speed of pages in all websites of Shopify is great and this will also help in giving that comfortability for customers.

✔ Security– as far as security is concerned, Shopify is a SAAS secured platform, and that is proven to be far more secure in the eCommerce platforms comparison which includes self-hosted e-commerce websites like Wix, Magento and woocommerce.

Shopify is also SSL secured which is highly required at this time.

It also appears that Shopify is PCI level one compliant which is an extreme sign of high security and Shopify also has a dedicated team alone for the security of websites.

✔ 24*7 support– when we look at the various types of e-commerce platform we can see the lack of an effective support system.

But as far as Shopify is concerned,another feature of this platform is that they provide 24/7 support. You can find Shopify support both for ambitious beginners and ultra professionals.

You get the option for a live chat in the dashboard admin panel where you can have a chat with the support team that will provide your immediate attention with all your doubts and problems.

When you take a platform for creating your eCommerce business and it is Shopify then, these are the advantages of using Shopify.

If you’re keeping it simple and short I can see that Shopify will allow any beginner or professional to set up an eCommerce website with minimal effort and alongside receiving maximum input.

Shopify’s Pricing

best eCommerce platform in India - Shopify pricing

In India, it is visible that the plans Shopify provides are indeed affordable by the majority of people who are determined to set the best E-Commerce website. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why Shopify is the best eCommerce platform in India.

In Conclusion,

So that was the features and pricing model of the best platform to create an eCommerce website which is indeed Shopify. Shopify is increasingly showing its effectiveness in helping in supporting small businesses to big business in India lately and also killing the top position as best enterprise eCommerce platforms.

Setting up an account in Shopify is really simple. If you need help with branding, you can get in touch with the best branding company in Kerala. All you have to do is go to Shopify and click on the 14-day free trial and you’ll find an automatic guide that will show you the path to create the website until you reach your destination.

Hope all this information comes in handy for you.

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