How to Increase Revenue Through Digital Marketing, Clarifying Entrepreneurs Doubts & Confusion.


How digital marketing solve problems that worry every entrepreneurs

Whenever I deliver an Entrepreneur development program, the glow of young entrepreneurs’ faces cannot be seen later.

Later means just after a year or couple of years.

They complain about low profit, customer retention, failure in acquiring new customers, and the list goes on.

Barriers and difficulties are common in our journey.

How do you remove the barrier and overcome difficulties is a matter of concern.

Whilst talking about business struggles and problems, there are several factors that lead to failure.


Table Of Contents


Some common business problems


How digital marketing came to rescue


Conscious about Digital revenue generation


Why my followers are not my clients


Insights to get clear sight


Selecting a digital marketing company

Some common business problems every business might face

Right from the starting point, the difficulties arise. The problems vary in intensity, differ in arrival timing and pose at different stages too.
It’s common to confront the problem, the problem fails if you find the solution immediately and if you treat it well with the right strategies and appropriate tactics.

⚉  Some common prickly troubles are ☟

➩ You don’t know how to focus in your niche
➩  Don’t have a strong brand identity
➩  You don’t provide any value
➩  You lost in strategy planning
➩  Fail to reach right customers
➩  Your brand voice doesn’t reach at the right ears

⚉  Marketing issues are the cornerstone of any business ☟

➩  failure to identify your exact customers
➩  Confused to choose right channel to reach the targeted customer
➩  Lack of innovations
➩  Neglect experiments
➩  You don’t ask for help; it is in the sense you underestimate the intervention of consultants in each criteria.

How digital marketing came to rescue

how to increase revenue through digital marketing

Digital marketing is the practice of promoting your products or services using digital media or using digital technologies like computers, mobile etc and utilizing other digital platforms.

Digital marketing has been here for a long time. But increased revenue through digital marketing was very minimal.

Sadly, even in the amid of the pandemic, only 30% of businesses use digital marketing to increase revenue.

Entrepreneurs are feared to invest in digital marketing. They imagine that it is just a waste of money.

It is due to lack of awareness.

Let me explain it with relevant examples and findings.

After March 2020, it is social distancing , online purchase, lockdown is a common term among us.

The pandemic made it possible. Digitalisation prompts the use of online activities.

What did it contribute?

The customer behavioural change.

From a physical store , they shift their focus into an online paradigm.buying groceries online, students are depending upon e-learning. Medical needs are solved through online.

The intervention of artificial intelligence, geo fencing and other digital marketing trends has speed up the accuracy of online medium.

Still, we are fighting against the pandemic and the virus gets stronger with its mutation and other variants.

We need to live, find our bread and butter. We are struggling .

Right ?

We want to win the battle, the battle between mankind and virus. So it is necessary to follow the guidelines and eradicate the communicable disease.

So clubbing together the norms and our business is quite contradictory .

Right ?
Why don’t you invest in digital marketing ?

It is the prime time to rely on digital marketing to generate revenue.

Yes, you must think about how to increase revenue through digital marketing .

Why do you conscious about digital revenue generation

Digital marketing is one of the cheapest ways to increase your sales .

Do you support my opinion?

Let me dive deep into the unique aspect of digital marketing.
I am sure many of you have a misconception about digital marketing.

Why my followers are not my clients

First, digital marketing is not gaining a certain number of followers or to reach a particular post .

That is obviously wrong !!

Basically, digital marketing constitutes human psychology along with technology.

If you are an expert in technology, you can’t be a good marketer, you must understand psychology . Psychology of human beings. !!Their likes, dislikes, attitude and behaviour.

If you know it well, aim them
Believe me, you can witness a miracle.
The soaring profitability !.
Well, that is strategy and tactics.

A digital marketer must be able to develop different strategies based on the needs of business.

So, each business requires a specific strategy based on their audience.
Then only the digital marketing principle works.

So keep in mind the importance of strategy and ask a digital marketer or digital marketing company what strategy they are going to implement before you hire them.

Don’t underestimate the power of your tribe in the social media.

What you have to do is develop unique strategy that divert the attention of your followers.

In short, just a certain number of likes and shares is not way to boost business.

Casting a long net to capture all the fish in your way

Is it the right deal in marketing?

Is it possible to convert whoever comes in your way?

No !

You need to find out your prospects first.

Attract them with interesting content, make them your ravishing followers who consume every bit of your content.

Interesting! Interesting!!

This is how a digital marketer is attracting prospects and convert them into customers.

Insights to get clear sight

how to increase revenue through digital marketing

Another , unique aspect of digital marketing is it provides insights.

That means you are going to be aware about who is searching for you on the internet, what age group is looking for your product, where your audience belongs, etc.

It helps to develop a creative message that hooks your audience.

What are the points I consider while selecting a digital marketing company / digital marketer

Hiring best digital marketing company/ freelance digital marketer is one of the most confusing tasks ever.

Right ?

While someone refer you a particular company, another person come with another review sometimes it might ruin your thoughts and you can’t able to find a digital marketing company.

⚉ Here are few tips that help to do assessment about the company or the freelancer.

➥ Previous activities
If you approach a company/ freelancer, consider their previous activities. If the company is new, no new clients, check their own activities , the strategy they implemented, how far it helped them to boost their business.

➥ Ask for 30-60- 90 day plan
First of all, you must ask for a 30 days plan. It help you to understand the efficiency of their strategies and how well they are going to perform the task. Then only extend the work plan.without evaluating the plan, it will be a great loss of money.

➥ Evaluate the strategy
Strategy that is everything.without any goal we don’t reach anywhere.
Likewise, without any strategy, you can’t gather anything. While we set a goal, we develop a roadmap that leads to achieving the aim. Same here, the strategy exposes what you are going to earn and how well they are going to implement the same.

➥ Budget
It needs special attention. People always tend to choose a service with a low budget. While choosing a digital marketing service. Consider the quality, otherwise everything will be wasted .
You need to observe that you get worth every penny you have spent.

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