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 best bulk email providers

At the very beginning, when I knew about email marketing, I thought anyone could do it at any time.

“Email has an ability many channels don’t; creating valuable, personal touches – at scale.” – David Newman

And I thought it was just a process to compose some emails and send that to our customers, until I heard about the best bulk email providers. It is at that point I start wondering about what it meant.

But I was an utter fool to think that email marketing can be done by anyone. How can you send this bulk email list to your customers just with your email account or your business account? NO, it’s not possible.

We indeed need some bulk email sender to create these emails and send them to our prospects on a regular basis. And we do have some.

Nowadays, among the numerous methods of marketing that are available, mass emails has proven to be effective in increasing the reach of a business and thereby increasing the importance of mass email services.

The article below we’ve given you the best practices on how to select the most effective mass email provider and i have compiled the top 5 Mass Email Services for 2022 to help you master your email marketing campaign with ease!

To grow a business it is essential to know the behaviour of potential customers while also keeping their subscribers entertained. Mass Email Services help you deliver informative emails in massive amounts while also tracking and resolving problems that may affect the delivery. You need to promote your products and services to your clients and help them while they make purchasing decisions.

The days of Drop-offs of business cards as well as door hangers could be employed to advertise and promote your company’s name!

In the digital age the emails you send from your business will be delivered to your clients. To maximize the value of your company take an overview of the most effective mass emailing services to use in the year 2022

Down below, I am going to list the top 5 best bulk email providers in India, which will help you to customize perfect emails for your specific functionality and with minimal effort.

Importance of Email Marketing – An Overview to the Best Bulk Email Providers

Importance of email marketing

As I mentioned earlier, the very first time I heard about email marketing was not when I was involved in any business or something; it was just when I was a student.

The reason behind this statement is because everyone knows what email marketing is and the importance of email marketing in this eon.

When it comes to marketing, email marketing is an effective method that meticulously points to targeted customers and helps bring new leads and convert leads to conversions too.


But when choosing for email marketing, there are certain guidelines that you have to keep in mind, and you should check whether your automated mailing system provides you the same to benefit your email marketing campaigns to the peak.

I think that’s enough for an overview. right?

For any company, it’s extremely disappointing to learn that mass emails fail to get through to their clients. In fact, it’s surprising how often these emails end in the spam folder instead!

Therefore, it’s essential to create a plan before choosing an email service for bulk use to ensure that you select the most suitable one that is suited to your needs, your infrastructure , and budget.

If you want to know more about email marketing, consider approaching someone who is an email marketing expert in Kerala who can help you with all aspects regarding email marketing for sure

If I drag this too much and make you wait for more, I don’t think you won’t stick with this till the end. So let me start without any further ado.

Top 5 best bulk email providers in India – Features & Pricing

There are a lot of email marketing tools that you can use for your campaign, especially now the number of best free email marketing tools in 2021 is Immense. Down below, I am going to list the 5 top bulk email services in India, along with their features and prices.

Starting with:

1. MailChimp

Mailchimp was founded by Ben Chestnut and Mark Armstrong in 2001. Looking into this particular bulk email server, I would recommend Mailchimp for startups. The reason why I recommend this to startups is that their pricing methods are an aid to them. You’ll see that further.

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Mailchimp for startup

MailChimp comprises of the following features, which goes like:

▪ ROI tracking

▪ Collaboration tools

▪ Customizable CTAs

▪ Customizable templates

▪ Stats and metric trackers

▪ Drag and drop option

▪ Autoresponders

These are not the only features in MailChimp; you can find a bunch of others when you go deep enough. Heroes get to see and other features like marketing automation, email client testing support by phone etc.

They have a really interesting part which is the Mailchimp welcome emails. This would warmly welcome new prospects to the email list, and through this, you can see a chance for new leads to be converted into customers.

Now moving to the pricing, once you are signed in to the platform, the first thing that you will see will be the pricing options which goes like:-

➤ Free – 0 Rs/ month ( maximum 2000 contacts).

Consists of all the basic features that are necessary for a startup or beginning business.

Essentials – 770 Rs/ month (with 500 contacts).

This plan consists of all the must-have features in email marketing along with additional support.

 Standard – 1150 Rs/ month (with 500 contacts).

This plan can be considered as a milestone for those who are looking for better insights of growing business and increasing their prospect circle.

Premium – 23000 Rs/ month (with 10000 contacts).

This plan is suitable for those who are ready for long-term commitment and want to access the pro features and require more customization in their campaign.

Next comes:

2. Sendinblue

Sendinblue was founded by Armand Theberge and Kapil Sharma in 2007,who promised to offer a cloud based marketing communication software suite with email marketing and its subsides

Sendinblue email marketing automation

This bulk email server here is the one who serves most of the required aspects of email marketing and covers all the pro features that are necessary for big businesses and also aid startups too.

Peeping at the features, we can see:-

▪ SMS marketing

▪ Marketing automation

▪ Transaction email

▪ Segmentation

▪ Dedicated landing pages

▪ Customized Sign up forms

▪ Open and click-through reports

▪ A/B testing

▪ Updated stat reports Sending time optimization

These are some of the significant features of Sendinblue email marketing automation. If you are impressed with these features, then you can dive more into the platform and explore on your own to know more. Let me end this platform by stating the pricings too.

The prices goes like this:-

➤ Free – 0 Rs/ month (for 300 emails a day)

  • Unlimited contacts
  • Email campaigns
  • Transactional emails
  • CRM
  • Allocation to one user


➤ Lite – 1510 Rs/ month (for 10k – 100k emails)

Features available in lite +

  • Unlimited contacts
  • New daily sending limit
  • Email support

 Lite + add on option(+ 715/ month) 

  • Remove sendinblue logo
  • Advanced statistics
  • A/B testing


➤ Premium – 3895.5Rs/ month ( for 20k – 1M emails)

Features available in lite +

  • Facebook ads
  • Marketing automation
  • Five landing pages (up to 20)
  • Three users access (up to 10)
  • Mobile phone support.

➤ Enterprise – option to customize a plan

Every features available in premium +

  • Custom volume of emails
  • Priority sending
  • 20 + landing pages
  • 10 + users access
  • SSO (SAML)
  • Customer success manager
  • Priority support
  • And more

Moving to the next:


3. Sender

Sender software was developed in 2012 to empower entrepreneurs and businesses to keep a close relation with customers with the minimal cost through email marketing.

The best feature about sender that I found was there is no long-term commitment required here. Option for cancellation of any plans at any time is quiet eye catching as a feature.


sender software

Another point other than regular email marketing features is that sender is adaptable for every scale of businesses if you are looking for an email marketing service provider for your startup or for your well moving business to improve, sender can help you with both because they scale as their clients prefer and grow.

And their features goes like:-

  • Drag and drop builder
  • Free templates gallery
  • Responsive emails
  • Custom HTML editor
  • Automation of abandoned cart emails
  • Regular and updated email list
  • Segmentation
  • Newsletter with product wizard
  • Enticing pop-ups and opt-in forms


Moving to the pricings:-

➤ Free forever – 0Rs/ month (15000 emails)

  • Email list upto 2500 subscribers
  • All features included
  • Cancellation at any time

➤ Monthly subscription – 3473Rs/ month (240000 emails)

▪20000 subscribers

▪ Save up to 18343/-

(This subscription fees can change according to the number of emails and number of subscribers)

➤ Prepaid credits – 129.86Rs/1000 email

  • 100000 credits/month
  • Save upto 113856/-

(The subscription fees can change according to the number of emails and credits)

Sender marketing credits never expire as compared to the others.

Coming along:-

4. Pabbly

Talking about pabby I would recommend this email marketing platform for medium-sized and small businesses because this works best with them. Pabbly connect works best with them.


best email providers

Another interesting feature of pablly is they not only provide email Marketing services but also help you run your online business better.

While featuring the top 5 best email providers in India I will also like to grab your attention through email marketing agencies in Kerala which will help you with your email marketing campaigns if you are new to the field.

Book a consultation with the best email marketing agency in Kerala

Features of pabbly email Marketing services:-
▪ Great email Marketing services
▪ Subscription billing
▪ Customers form builders
▪ Verification of email
▪ Pabbly Connect features
▪ Unlimited workflows
▪ For matters



➤ Starter – 680Rs/ month

Include all features

➤ Rookie – 1435Rs/ month

Include all features

➤ Pro – 2189Rs/ month

Include all features

➤ Advance – 3096Rs/ month

Include all features

➤ Enterprise

here you get the option to personalize your plan according to your needs.

5. Hubspot

 Hubspot Email marketing tool promises creation of personalized emails and optimization of those emails to benefit your campaign. Hubspot email automation is worth spending money and time. Results are sure.

hubspot transactional email


Along with email marketing they also provide hubspot transactional email services and other resources which can help you to improve your online business.

If you are new to the email marketing field, you can also enroll to the best email marketing course in Kerala to clear your further way in this particular field because when you are expert in something then I don’t think you need something particular to read on an act.

Let’s check out their features:-

▪ Beautiful image creation
▪ Personalize emails for more open and click throughs
▪ A/B test
▪ Metrics tracking
▪ Free online form builder
▪ Free landing page builder
▪ Exit intent forms
▪ Copper forms

➤ Pricing:-

Hotspot provides you free options for your email marketing campaigns and the premium edition starts from $800.

6. Amazon SES

mass emailing service

 The next option is Amazon Simple Email Service, which is also an online mass email-sending service that is low-cost and highly scalable , as they provide an “pay as you go” option.

It’s designed to send bulk emails to companies and developers that you are able to directly integrate into current software. This tool lets you keep your clients informed by sending automatic emails, and highly customized ones, too.

▪ By using the tool’s dashboard you can monitor problems that can affect   the delivery of emails.
▪ Amazon SES enables you to monitor the volume of sent as well as delivered email.
▪ It allows for easy integration with services such as AWS IAM.
▪ It provides a variety of options like SMTP and SES API to send emails.


Sendinblue email marketing automation

Mailgun is another tool for email automation that offers the convenience of SMTP and API connection as well as features such as advanced analytics, real-time tracking.

Mailgun offers a complete deliverability feature in addition to powerful software for marketing automation. It has an inbound routing feature to ensure that your emails are processed and converted to transform your emails into structured data.
There are also libraries that have been published for different languages such as ruby, Python, Java and many more.

▪ Mailgun is based on a Simple as well as Restful API.
▪ They provide quick and accurate email validation.
▪ Good rates of inbox placement.
▪ It lets you be flexible in formulating strategies specifically tailored to your requirements.


Moving to the last:-


A hassle-free mass emailing service is feasible, provided that you’ve got the right email program that is backed by the most reliable services for mass emails.
Be sure to select an option that will guarantee inbox placement, has support , and is reliable to help you reach your goals for ROI. Explore the different options offered by these companies, and then choose the most suitable for your company.

So that was me giving the best bulk email providers In India just reminding you that the main motive of me writing this here is to make you acquainted with these top bulk email services.

Hope all that information comes in handy to you.

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