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Email marketing is one of the powerful marketing mediums that has the highest ROI. It is cheap and more personalized. Optimizing powerful email marketing as a medium for your business will help you to enhance your business.

Every day, your customers receive tons of marketing emails, all clawing for attention. To avoid the marketing emails you send to your customers landing in the trash or under the “unread” category, you should send emails they will want to read.

Here, your business needs an email marketing expert. Since email marketing is the medium that has the highest ROI, it is crucial for a business to set the email marketing. It will be if email marketing is done in the right way.

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As an email marketing expert in Kerala, I can provide you with the best email marketing service.

For me, the main goal of email marketing automation is to nurture the audience with highly personalized and useful content or information that helps to increase conversion and sales.

Understanding your ideal buyer persona, planning, and creating content that connects with them is the ultimate key to success in email marketing.

As an email marketing consultant ,by providing a full-service email marketing strategy and implementation, I can consistently achieve high ROI with increased sales online for your business.


I am capable of providing you end to end email marketing consulting services, supporting every aspect of your business strategy and working to deliver real results that will benefit your brand and business.

My services includes:

Building opt-in email list

I will provide my support and service along with your team to make opt-in contact forms and use social media platforms to extend your audience list. Opt-in list helps to urge you to have a larger audience and finally a bunch of loyal customers.

Developing custom email content

I am capable of creating valuable content that equip us to have interaction, educate and convert your audience. The email content I provide will be custom created to fulfill the requirements of the clients.

Designing email- layouts

I will analyse your content within the website to develop the email templates that render more user expertise and customized impact.

Tracking email campaigns

Through sending tracking emails, I can measure its open rate, deliverability and can develop content that is powerful to influence the readers and convert them.

Email marketing automation

Email marketing renders email marketing automation to ease marketing concerns and difficulties. It will increase the potency and reduce the workforce.

Testing email campaigns

The advantage of testing email campaigns is understanding the deliverability and performance. It provides a grasp about the highest performed strategy and therefore the changes needed for better efficiency.

Some of my core metrics & key performance indicators

✔ Click through rates

✔ Email deliverability

✔ Open rates

✔ Conversion rate

✔ Newsletter subscription

✔ Subscriber list growth

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Is email marketing essential for a business?

Since email marketing is the cheapest marketing and it has the highest ROI, email marketing plays a major role in enhancing your business.

What is included in email marketing?

Email marketing, a part of digital marketing, includes a newsletter with the company’s updates or promotion of sales and exclusive deals for the subscribers.

What should I learn to become an email marketing consultant?

Email marketing is a digital marketing course. To become an email marketing consultant, you have to learn email marketing from a digital marketing institute.