Instamate: Beginners Guide On How To Make Money on Instagram

By  Sreeresh |  Date  :  11-December-2022

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If you’re wondering about InstaMate Is, you’ve come to the right spot. 

The discovery of YouTube signalled a new era for Internet businesses, bloggers, and marketers. Every firm was given a platform to disclose details about their goods and services via videos, which helped them draw sizable audiences.

Then Instagram was introduced, which surpassed all other social media platforms in terms of audience engagement. It succeeds with more than 400 million users who every day share more than 70 million posts.

Instagram is not a simple alternative for internet business owners or marketers, despite its popularity.

Instagram’s restrictions prevent marketers from leveraging it to accomplish their online goals. The biggest issue is that many users don’t know how to promote their business on Instagram because it’s a mobile-based app.

In other words, in order to make posts, the document has to be uploaded using an iPhone. Of course, there are solutions to this issue, and Insamate could be among those methods.

The majority of the largest trademarks of the world are embracing the platform, just as they did when they saw the similarities between Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter and has turned into an effective tool for marketing due to this.

Luke Maguire had to invest six months looking for a significant remedy to assist entrepreneurs, marketers, and other business people because of this.

The most well-known social media site that is based on images is Instagram and numerous businesses are using it to market their services and businesses.

What is Instamate 

InstaMate is a useful tool that has a variety of amazing options to integrate your business or products onto Instagram.

But, technically, it’s against Instagram’s guidelines and I would not suggest it to those who are concerned about losing their Instagram account deleted.

InstaMate is a browser extension which provides you with various marketing tools to help promote Instagram accounts. Instagram accounts.

In order to post content for Instagram marketers will need to create photos on their computers and then transfer the image to their mobile and then upload it to Instagram’s app.

It’s a hassle-inducing procedure that takes lots of time. With InstaMate the process is made easier.

In the alternative, everything can be managed via your computer and you don’t need to transfer all of your files over to your smartphone or use the official Instagram application.

Features of InstaMate


The feature called content curators is attractive because it allows you to take material from different Instagram accounts. One might argue that this is comparable to taking someone else’s content, however, in reality, the majority of content posted on Instagram is already curated several times.

However, you should not make use of these features on official Instagram accounts for brands. Do not try this with images bearing trademarks or logos from the official trademarks or logos.

In this regard it is possible to make use of this feature, all you need to enter is the keyword and all accounts that are related to that keyword will be listed. Additionally, you’ll be able to look at some of the top posts from the various accounts.

By pressing one button, your post will be posted by clicking a button. It will be posted to Instagram. Just click and it will be published to your Instagram profile page using exactly the same keywords and hashtags.

The image as well as its description are copy-pasted and then pasted into your profile. This tool is great for those who are having a difficult time making their own content and would like to put some quickly available content.

In addition, hashtag statistics are included, too. It’s possible to determine which hashtags are trending with the highest number of views. Thus, you save lots of time. Naturally, the content isn’t yours and there’s nothing distinctive about it.

One feature I really enjoyed about this software is the ability to schedule post-scheduling. It is possible to set an article to publish at a certain time and date, all the way until the next. Instead of publishing your posts manually every day, you can let the scheduling software automate the process for you.

InstaMate allows you to view the top subjects and Instagram accounts. Instagram So you can discover the most popular content to publish. You could upload any of your personal images too.

How to Make Money Using Instamate

So, how do you earn money using InstaMate or how to make money through instagram? Instagram is a photo-based social media platform. hyperlinks are not permitted to be included in descriptions for images.

To avoid this, all you need to do is add the primary link you wish to highlight in the bio section of your account.

In the next step, you should encourage your followers to visit your bio and locate the link.

Here’s a way to make use of InstaMate to earn money:

  1. Connect to your account.
  2. Locate an affiliate item that you can advertise.
  3. Write a review about that product.
  4. Give the review link on the bio of your Instagram bio.
  5. Utilize InstaMate to search for images that are related to the product.
  6. Plan two or three photos to be published every day.
  7. Change the description of every image to say, “Click the link in the bio for more info.”
  8. See the clicks coming in.

Is Using InstaMate Considered Against the Rules of Instagram

 The biggest concern users have about the product’s design is that it violates Instagram’s rules. In truth, there’s nowhere in Instagram’s terms and conditions which says you’re not allowed to make posts scheduled or share images of other users or upload photos on your personal computer.

But, if you have an important Instagram account I would suggest you do not use this application in the event that Instagram is able to shut down. I was surprised to discover that InstaMate offers the ability to allow unlimited Instagram accounts.


Therefore, you can set up an account dummy to test the service. However, this tool is located within a grey area. But some users have complained that their accounts were removed.

If you’re interested in trying it out, you should use an Instagram account that you are able to be able to afford losing. There is a way that widespread use of this tool could cause a tsunami of messages on Instagram Therefore, it’s best to be cautious about overdoing it. Instagram may be able to take action against users who use these tools.


Pricing of Instamate

Instagram users in India
  • The cost of Instamate Lite Edition for a year is merely $27.
  • Instamate Basic Edition is available for only $37 per year.
  • Instamate Luxury Edition costs just $47 per year. Its most often used version. One investment will yield rewards for the rest of your life.

Furthermore, the firm is prepared to refund you the whole amount of money you spent on the programme if, after using it for 14 days, you still don’t see any positive outcomes despite all the assistance from its support team. They only do this because they are so sure of their goods. Definitely give it a try!

Pros and Cons of InstaMate

Pros of Instamate

  • Instamate assists you in automatizing your Instagram account to ensure you can create the most viral content in any area.

  • This program assists you with making money from your content.

  • Instamate allows Instagram to offer unlimited organic traffic for you to draw more visitors to your site and provides you with the opportunity to market your product. Instant updates and uploads are a great way to keep your customers entertained.

  • Instamate allows you to complete every task with just one click. A keyword search can give you viral instagram hashtags. The scheduling buttons allow for simple interactions that can result in better sales.

  • Instamate offers the Affiliate Cloaker tool which permits the addition of affiliate marketing links that allow one-click sales to your Instagram account. Instagram.

  • It also comes with a 14-day Money Back Guarantee that is provided to customers. If you are not satisfied with this software, you are able to get your money returned.

  • Also, you get an extensive and extremely helpful instructional module that provides methods to use the instamate optimally.

Cons of Instamate

There are a few drawbacks to Instamate, despite the fact that the programme is great; allow me to explain them to you.

  • The programme can only be executed on the Google Chrome browser. Despite its widespread use, the programme has a premium price.
  • Learning how to correctly optimise the programme also takes some effort.



To sum up, InstaMate is an interesting tool, but it’s not one recommended for long-term use. While it does provide users with an easy means to discover and share photos on Instagram There are also risks.

If you’re the owner of a popular Instagram account, you’re advised to stay clear of these platforms. In any case, you are welcome to try it out with a brand-new account. Please return and let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

My opinion is that you shouldn’t be waiting to hear about its success stories from others. It can be used to create a successful Instagram account. If you’re not satisfied with the program you can avail of a 30-day money-back assurance.