How to build an E-commerce website from scratch without any coding skill


How to build an E-commerce website from scratch

According  to  Statista, Around 70% of businesses expect to move  online  by  2025.


The COVID-19 pandemic made a significant impact on  ecommerce  trends  around  the  world.


With  brick-and-mortar  stores  shuttering overnight,  shoppers  flocked  to  the internet  to  buy  their  things.  Experts  say the  pandemic  accelerated  the  shift  to online  shopping  by  as  much  as  five  years.



What  does  this  mean  for  e-commerce  merchants?

 This is the best time to build your online business as the e-commerce market is growing faster compared to traditional businesses .

 The benefits of an ecommerce  store is  cost effectiveness and availability and you have more opportunities to make your online business profitable.

Are you on the move??

Then you’re in the right spot!

How  to  build an  E-commerce  website  from  scratch when you  don’t  have  any  programming  skills?

Yes !

The good news is that  designing  an  ecommerce  website for  your  brand  is much  easier  than  you  thought.


You  are  familiar  with computers and  have  internet  access,  so  you  can  develop  and  launch your own website within a few minutes.

How is it possible?

Nowadays e-commerce platforms are affordable and very user-friendly, allowing you to build a custom website for your company in only a couple of clicks.

Many e-commerce platforms provide essential features like secure payment and shipping and marketing ,  all on a plug-and-play basis,  which means you will not require any programming experience to build a professional ecommerce website from scratch

But , the  most  well-known one  is  Shopify and  Shopify  is  the  best  platform  to  create   an  ecommerce  store .

Because  their  pricing  is  reasonable  and it’s  incredibly  simple  to  create  a  website using  their  platform,  even  when  you have  no  coding  capabilities  and  have  no  background  in  technical  fields.

Furthermore,  Shopify  has  one  of  the  most  responsive  service  teams  available  in  the  business.

They  are  available  all  hours  of  the  day via  live  chat  and  via email…

it’s hard  to  make  any  more  sense  than that!


Are you interested in knowing more and ready to create an online store ?
Well !


I guarantee  you  that  even  if  you’re  new to  eCommerce  Shopify  is  the  best  ecommerce  website  builder,  you’ll  be  in  a position  to  set  up  your  own  online store  without  having  to  sweat.


This  article will  guide  you  for  How  to build an E-commerce  website  from  scratch

 How to build an E-commerce website from scratch , Things to be consider before building yours

build an eCommerce website from scratch


You  must  consider below points before starting a online store

What product will you offer

Actually, your online store must have items that customers are looking to purchase.  Find products that are in high demand and bring in a profit.


If  you’re  still  not  sure  about  your product  yet,  begin  by  exploring  your  interests.


It’s easier to succeed by being knowledgeable and keen on the product you’re selling. You can limit the competition by narrowing your  scope  on  a  specific  area.


Find  out  what  is  trending within your field.  Check out reviews on your competitors to identify strengths, weaknesses and gaps you could fill. Take a deliberate,  educated decision regarding the products  you  intend  to  sell  through  your  e-commerce  business.

How do you promote the online business

Before  you  start  creating  your  online store,  sketch  out  your   E-commerce  marketing   plan. 


Consider  your  ideal  customer  and  the  best  way  to  connect  with  them  will  help  you  to  develop  the concept  of  your  e-commerce website.


Search  for  SEO  keywords,  establish  your own  brand  voice  and  start  building  your social  media  stratagy  in  case  you  haven’t  done  so  yet. 


Consider  paid  advertisements  and  different  strategies  for  e-commerce  to  increase  sales.  The plan  you  create  will  help  you  develop  a plan  to  open  the  online  shop  you  want to  run.

Set your budget before start

Make a plan for your budget to build the online shop.  You’ll have to cover the cost of your domain name as well as hosting and advertising your website.


Other  possible  costs  comprise  themes,  plug-ins safety,  and  anyone  you   hire  to  assist   with  the  development  of  your  site.

7 Steps to build an e-Commerce website from scratch

ecommerce website features

Making  an  online  store  does  not  need  to  be  complicated  or  time  consuming.


Shopify  is  the  easy  way  to create  a ecommerce  website  from  scratch  with  all  ecommerce  website  features.


This  article will  guide  you through the steps to  building  a  successful  ecommerce  site .


Follow these 7 steps to construct your e-commerce  website  starting  from beginning  to  finish.


Ready to get started?

1. Purchase a domain name

Alot  of  people  who  are  unfamiliar  with e-commerce  are  constantly  evaluating   their  loved  ones and  their  families  as  they play  around  with  their  choices and deciding  on  the  most  appropriate  name.


Once  they  finally  make  their  decision,, they  discover  that  the  domain  is  not  in  use  anymore  Dang.


To  ensure  that  you  don’t  waste  the  time you  have,  this  is  the  best  way  to  do:


Begin by choosing the domain name that represents your site’s identity to visitors.  Choose a name that’s brief,  simple  and shot .  It’s  important  to  stay  close  to existing  domain  names  that  could  cause traffic  loss  and  revenue  loss.


Using  the  Business  Name  Generator on Shopify  to  generate  names  for  your business  is  super  easy.


Once  you’ve  chosen  your name,  the  next  step  is  to  purchase  your  domain. Purchasing your domain name directly from  your  ecommerce  website  builder  shopify  is  easy.

Just  follow  the  below  steps  to  do

● Create an account

● Click on “Online Store” > “Domains” in the left-hand panel, and

● Click on “Buy new domain”



2. Select the website builder

If  you’re  planning  to  start  your  own  online shop,  offering products, Shopify’s  website  builder  tool  to  create  your  site quickly.


When you create your site on Shopify and you have responsive, mobile-friendly themes, 24/7 live assistance and no-cost SSL certificates.


You  can  also  accept payments  directly from  your  site (no third-party vendors are needed).  Shopify also comes with a complete CMS for content management (CMS) which means you can manage and organize your content.


Once you’ve  made  your  choice,  create an  account  with the website  builder  of  your choice.


Navigate  to  the  Shopify  website,  input your  email  address,  and  hit  the “Get started”  button.


Shopify  will  prompt  you  to  enter  your password,  as  well  as  your  store  name.  Key  those in,  then  click  on  “Create  your store.”

3. Choose the theme

Once  you’ve  got  your  Shopify  account  set  up  the  first  thing  to  pick  is  an  appropriate  theme  for  your  website. A  theme is basically  a  design  template  that decides  the  style  and  appearance  of  your  shop.


The next step is to pick a theme for your things to take into consideration  when  selecting  the  theme  are:


● A great way to showcase your products

● Rapid loading times

● Mobile friendly

● Simple to make use of

● Positive reviews

● Cost (there are paid and free alternatives offered)


In  most  instances,  you  can  add  themes to  you site  in  just  a  click or  two.  Based  upon  the  design  and  builder  you  select you  could  be  able  customize  the  colors,  fonts  as  well  as  other  aspects  of  the appearance  of  your  online  store.


The theme is a design that will give your store a consistent clean, professional, and  sleek  appearance. There are the paid and free  templates  on  Shopify.  Take a look and choose one that is within your budget.

Here are a few better options :


➤  How to install & set up a theme on Shopify


After  you  have  chosen  the  theme  that you  would  like  to use,  you  can  install  it.

Click  “Add Theme”  if  you  want  a  free  theme. it  is  simple !


You’ll  be  redirected  to  your  dashboard. Click on  “Customize theme”  e commerce  website  making


Once   you’ve   chosen   the   theme   you  want  to  use,  it  is  time  to  install  it.

To  get  a  free  theme,  click  “Add  Theme”.


build ecommerce website from scratch



➤   Optimize  Your  Settings


Awesome!  You  are  moving  well.

Next,  optimize  the  settings  of  your  Shopify  store.


You  can  click  on  “Settings”,  at  the  bottom  left-hand  panel,  and  browse  them  one  by  one.


Your  general  settings  are  first.


Here  you  can  modify  your  store  name, email  address  and  store  address.


Shopify  uses  this  information  to  calculate  product  prices,  shipping  weights  and  order  times.


Next,  go  to  the  taxes  section.


You  can  choose  whether  to  add  taxes  to your  prices,  or  if  you  prefer  them  to  be added  after  the  customer  has  checked-out.


Next,  take  a  look  at  your  payment  providers.


ecommerce website builder


All  new  Shopify  stores  automatically accept  PayPal  and  credit cards. As you can see, your account must be set up before you can  receive  any  revenue  from your  store.


You  will  need  to  tell  Shopify  which  bank you use and what account  number  you  have. 


Your employer ID number (EIN)  will also  be required.  This  information is provided when you register your company.


If  your  business  has  not  been registered (and you don’t want to for the moment),  you will need to enter  your  social  security  number  to  run  your  business  as  a  sole  proprietorship.


Last thing…

Accepting alternative payments includes:

● BitPay

● PayDollar

● GoCoin

● ePay / Payment Solutions

● Alipay Global

● Coinbase Commerce


These  can  also  be  set  up  from  the  same  page.  Scroll  down  and choose an alternative payment provider. Then, configure your settings as you wish.


Next,  you  will  need to  set  your  notification  settings.


Here  you  can  adjust  all  automated emails  Shopify  sends  to  customers  based on  events  such  as:

● Confirm your order

● Order cancellation

● Shipping confirmation

4. Add photos of the product with clear descriptions

Product images and descriptions are vital to establishing an online store that is successful. 


Customers  on  your  website  won’t  have the  opportunity  to  feel,  touch  or  experience  your  products  prior  to  purchasing.


Recreate this experience as accurately as you can by using high-resolution photographs  and  clear  descriptions.  Now that  you’ve  got  your  settings  worked  out, it’s time to start building your catalog.


Click  on  “Products”  on  the  left-hand panel,  then  “Add product.” You’ll be  taken to a page  where  you  can  input  your  product  name  and  description,  and  upload  your  images.


easy way to create a ecommerce website from scratch


Display multiple images from different angles. Include weight dimensions,  weight and  other  special  options.  It is also possible to include  videos  of  tutorials  and  demonstrations.


Be  sure  to  include  SEO  keywords  in  your  product  descriptions and  titles  to make  it easier  for  shoppers  to  find  your  items.


It is essential to clearly describe and demonstrate the value and appeal of the products you sell.


The  descriptions  and  photos  you  use  should  bring  your product to life  and  convince  customers to buy. 


The  first  thing to note is that the descriptions of products  tend  to  seem  pretty  shady. They’re  full  of  grammatical  errors  and often  don’t  make  sense. isn’t it ?


After  you’ve  completed  your  description of  your  product, don’t  forget  to  improve  your  page  to  be  SEO-friendly.


Search Engine Optimaization is essential for every business. Customers  go  online  before  they  decide  to  buy  the product.

5. Create your main pages

The  only  thing  left  is  to  set up the additional  website  pages.  At  a  minimum it’ s  a  good  idea  to  include these pages on your website:

● About Us

● Contact Us

● Shipping and Returns

● Terms and Conditions


You can also include other pages you think are appropriate such as:


● Sizing guide

● Blog


To get started,  click on  “Online store”  in the  left-hand panel,  then  click  on  “Pages”  and  “Add page.”


ecommerce website from scratch

Pretty easy?

But don’t forget to specify your meta description and URL for your other website pages as well.

6.Test payment

You’re almost done!

To  ensure  that  your  store is up and running,  it’s a good  idea  to  make  a   test purchase  before  you  open  it.  You should also review the  transaction  emails.


What  is  the  best way to  test  your  purchase?

You  can  either…


● Shopify’s  Bogus  Gateway  can  be  used  to  stimulate  a  transaction

● Use  a  legitimate  payment  provider  and  cancel  the  order  immediately  to  get  a  refund

7. Launch your online store

Unlocking  your  store  is  the final step. 

To do this, click  “Online store”  in  the  left-hand  panel  and  then  click  “Preferences.”


Give  yourself  a  pat  on  the  back  before  you  do  anything  else. You’ve  got  a  clear idea  about  how  to  build  an  eCommerce website  from  scratch!


Shopyfy  is the most popular eCommerce website and is distinguished  by  ease-of-use  and  features  specially created to  work with  eCommerce.


This  service  is perfect for large-scale online stores with many product  cards  and  flexible  eCommerce  options.

Don’t  be  late , Get  started  creating  your  online  stores !

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