Why do you need a mentor for a digital marketing career? 




“What is that?”

“Sorry sir , I don’t get the point.”

“To be frank, I learnt digital marketing via YouTube.”

“I don’t have any mentor for digital marketing career.”

Yes, you are watching a glimpse of manager -employee conversation.

The employee aka so-called digital marketer is confessing, he didn’t have any digital marketing mentor.

“Do you need an internet marketing mentor?”

To be clear, digital marketing is the combination of marketing and technology.

Through digital marketing, you are trying to promote a product or service using technology.

The ultimate aim is conversion or sale.

However, most people comprehend that digital marketing is more about technology.

Let me explain it with an example, it was almost 5 years ago, while I was training my students, it was their initial day of training.

I was teaching about Facebook ads.

One student asked me, “sir, can I increase my page by an ad?.”

He meant an ad promotion is the only thing he required to increase the page likes.

What do you think?

Obviously, you need to create a plan, a strategy or tactics before you run an ad or any other things.

You must have an idea, what call-to -action your audience wants to take there.

The student who asked me that question started his digital marketing journey through self study but he couldn’t move on .

Self study makes more confusion and a bit of messy learning.

That is why he joined digital marketing training.

Let us come to our topic.

Mentor for digital marketing career, why do you give attention to it ?


A mentor is a person or friend who guides an inexperienced fellow, often called a mentee, by building trust and with proper guidelines.

Likewise, digital marketing mentors are steering the inexperienced mentees into a goal with a vision and complete supervision.

Do you know, the marketing field is full of ambiguity.

If you are marketing a product, you need to work on a specific strategy, while marketing a service, another particular strategy is needed.

Let me clarify, if you are working on two different projects, one is the tourism sector, another one is baby products.

How do you curate a strategy ?

What are the strategies you will develop?

What will you do to increase their sales ?

Will the same strategy work here ?

No, not all.

To be specific, you need to identify the buyer persona in both categories.

Segment them.

Know their needs.

Find out how do you solve their problems with that particular product etc.

It can be learnt through experience only.

If you are learning, under the supervision of an online marketing mentor, you are open to opportunities.

Opportunities in the sense, more support to goal setting, gain practical support and mould into the expert of digital marketing.


Benefits of choosing An Online Marketing Mentor that work like a charm

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➥Get practical advice, encouragement and support

Digital marketing needs practical experience to be an accomplished online marketing mentor not only giving practical advice but also pointing out your flaws or errors and giving encouragement to take risks and enable you to believe in yourself.

➥Learn from the experiences of others

You get the opportunity to listen to others. That means more stories of inspiration, loss and mixture of mixed emotion.it is another chance to learn from others.

➥Increase your confidence

If you are pursuing a career in digital marketing, whatever the niche, you have opted. It is essential to possess a higher degree of confidence to withstand live work. A mentor for digital marketing strengthens your confidence with live works and other error rectification.

➥Become more empowered to make decisions 

After the intensive training under an internet marketing mentor, you become self sufficient to make decisions in your work. It is one the best traits you gather from your experience.

➥Develop your problem-solving skills

Digital marketing changes quickly, new marketing channels come and go. Problems can arise at any time. As new in the digital marketing domain, how are you going to solve the rising problem?

Undoubtedly, experience beats everything. A digital marketing mentor who supports and assists you to solve difficulties and dilemmas in the middle of work is an asset.

➥Develop strategies for dealing with regular issues in digital marketing

Can you point out the regular issues in digital marketing? If you are new to the digital marketing sphere, you are an alien here.

Not familiar with the problems and difficulties. Don’t know what happened next. A mentor came to the rescue .
He /she shows you the right path and ultimately to success.

➥Identify goals and establish a sense of direction

The territory of digital marketing is vast and wide. Variety of positions are there. You are free to choose your career based on your fondness and enthusiasm to research in the same.

Initially, you need to understand the whole domain. Introspect yourself , find your likeness, start your career.

➥Gain valuable insight into the next stage of your career

You have reached a junction, 4 roads are intersecting, it confuses you to choose a road, not sure about the road which will take you into your destination.

What will you do then?
Ask for help.

In the same way, digital marketing consisting of different roads.That is various job titles. Don’t be shy to take your road of success.

Meet our expert mentors & start your journey today.

How to find a mentor in digital marketing, 6 tips to find the best

Keyword Research tools

Digital marketing course in Kerala are booming because of the demanding job opportunities and flexible job type.

But it is quite confusing to choose a single niche from the vast arena of digital marketing.

Digital marketing trainer assist you and support you to understand the industry.

It is witnessing that many students are aspiring to be digital marketing experts, many are switching their career into online marketing and entrepreneurs are coming to understand the marketing elements and its applications.

These are some tips, you need to double check , while finding a digital marketer. 


The first and most important step is research as much as you can. watch videos on YouTube, read blogs and understand what are the topics that come under the umbrella of digital marketing.

Just make an idea. Then focus on your mentor.

His experience, niche, method of training, etc. .
For further clarification, read , best digital marketing course in Kerala.


Sign up for webinar /workshop

No scarcity for webinar right now. Many webinars are absolutely free.

There are digital marketing webinars which deal with the basic topics and it provides a deep insight into the attendees.

You will get answers to frequently asked questions like scope, career opportunities, different niches in digital marketing etc.

Attend free webinar & understand the industry.


Be there

Be there , where ?

The place where digital marketing mentors are assembling .

That means join in discussion groups, forums and be active in Quora.
Chat in Facebook groups etc.

These are some initiatives you can take to find a mentor for digital marketing career.

Enroll for an internship

Experience is the best teacher. Right ?

An internship serves two purposes. Live works and a mentor to guide you.

It is an opportunity to explore your strength, gain practical knowledge and imbibe a strong work culture.


The grand finale

If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has been there.

It was read somewhere, while flipping pages of a magazine.

That is exactly right. It is all about mentoring.

If you are intent to start a digital marketing career, please ask someone who is proficient in the field.

They will direct you to the exact path.

The path to a digital marketing career is not easy as it seems.

Need proper training, attention and creativity.

Without these you will roam around.

To be clear, getting a successful job will be far away from you. Why do you waste your time?

Time and tide not wait for man.

Start your expedition right now!

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