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Nexxa corporates is tagged as the best digital marketing company in Kerala in terms of all aspects of digital marketing with an exceptional performance in advertisement.

Here, we provide great solutions in Facebook advertising services to boost the growth of your business or take your business to the next level from the current status. Wth one of the best Facebook ad expert in Kerala.

Ever since everything is moved online due to the pandemic crisis people are  shifting themselves to the digital arena for survival but mere survival won’t be enough.

Increase the growth of your business with the help of the best Facebook ad expert.

Who's an Facebook ad expert

Facebook ads are considered to be the most effortless campaign method which can be done by anyone. but if you want the campaign to be effective you need someone with great user experience and have an abundance of practical experiences with Facebook Marketing services.

Talking about and Facebook ad expert there is a lot to say. If someone has to be tagged as expert they should be familiar with all kinds of:

  1.  Ad Forms
  2.  Advantages
  3.  Disadvantages
  4.  Pro versions
  5.  Effectiveness
  6.  Templates
  7.  Facebook instream ads
  8.  Facebook video ads
  9.  Facebook AdSense
  10.  Facebook promotions
  11.  Facebook ad campaigns


Inorder to call the person a Facebook marketing expert

I know that dwells with a lot of Facebook related terms but that’s what an expert is. I have spent more than 5 years in the digital marketing field, and have clear ideas on the user experience.

It was no small thing to be proficient in all these key features. Expertise in these was gained by repeated experiments and experiences on the customers.

Analysing and manifesting what the viewers are expecting was one of my golden head starts in the beginning. Even Though it took so long, I was able to find out and clearly picturized what kind of ad campaign to what kind of business was suitable.

 Best features of Facebook marketing specialist

  • Facebook ads can help you have a Robust analytics on your ad campaign. We track and record each and every detail of the ad campaign so that we could use that information for further development and further improvement in an innovative way.
  • We channelize and organize the customers list by immense filtering to target the potential audience but in a way that it can also attract new leads and pave a way for conversions.
  • Ensuring the ad campaign to be specified and to be promising for a wider circulation is the next feature of our Facebook marketing team. We have a specialised team that is carefully guided under the advanced digital marketing course to handle the complicated features of the ad campaign.
  • We ensure that our ad campaign moves in such a way that it can reassure remarketing which is considered as one of the the important points of a Facebook advertising strategy.

Cost efficient and customisable packages

We have got customisable packages for your convenience for the Facebook ad campaigns. You can customise the packages according to your needs and needs of your website, based on the amount of effectiveness you expect from the campaign.

The tactic we use to arrange the CPL is really organised so that the customers can achieve great results from a Facebook marketing specialist with a great cost efficiency.

Facebook ad expert in Kerala to assist you in Facebook ads..

Get the best assistance for your Facebook ad campaign from the best Facebook ad expert in Kerala.

How much does a Facebook ad cost?

According to a recent case study done on Facebook, it is revealed that a Facebook at can cost you from $0.97/click and $7.19/1000 impressions and further depending upon the versions and the effectiveness you choose.

Are Facebook ads worth in 2021?

Indeed Facebook ads cost you a fortune but when you can earn 4x the ROI then it is obvious that this campaign is pretty much profitable.

How do I start a Facebook ad?

We digital with sree shall provide the best Facebook ad campaign which can effectively manage your budget and provide you professional results within a small time period for that depending upon the needs of your website or your product or your service.

Do Facebook ads really work?

Yes indeed Facebook ads work and it is guided by the right person or the right theme with a greater user experience and can manage every lead every conversion into something worth and increase the ROI visibly.