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digital marketing course in Thrissur

Digital Marketing is a field that is growing by every minute.

There are hundreds of Digital Marketing courses in Thrissur but only a few of them can provide you with a 100% placement. 

 This blog focuses on providing information about digital marketing training institutes in Thrissur.

This blog aims to provide complete details of the Digital Marketing Course in Thrissur.

 As a student, digital marketing will help you to get the best job in the future.

Here are the top 3 Digital Marketing Course in Thrissur with 100% placements.


Digital marketing has become a popular topic in recent years.

Every company is looking for digital marketers to help manage their marketing campaigns. To learn digital marketing you have to choose the best job oriented digital marketing course in Thrissur. 

Have you ever searched for something online and found the exact same item on social media? You may have wondered if you were able to find the exact thing you wanted at that time. Digital Marketing is the answer.

Digital marketing can be described as the types of digital marketing methods that is done via digital communications.

 Paid Media Advertising is one of the most cost-effective alternatives to traditional marketing. It allows you to show ads only to your target audience.

 First, Digital marketing is on the rise. Many companies are there in Thrissur.

The internet penetration is increasing and more companies are switching from traditional marketing like radio, television, and print media to digital. 

While some people consider digital marketing a great career, others see it as one of the highest-paying professions.

 Second, there are many digital marketing schools available in Thrissur.

Many of these universities and colleges are not certified to offer the relatively new course they claim.

 They’re just looking to make money by trying to lure people. 

You should be careful when choosing a Digital Marketing Course in Thrissur that offers accredited courses that will give you a competitive advantage upon completion.

 Third, choose the best course from an accredited institution at an affordable cost. This is the most difficult part, as you must consider many factors. After reading the whole article, you will be able to make an informed decision about the institution you want, the course you want, and the price at which it will all work out.


Digital marketing has become extremely widespread.

We are living in a world where our time and attention are spent on a device. The term “device” could refer to your smartphone, computer, or tablet.

In the growth of your company, online marketing is an essential element. To market yourself and market your products and services, you require the assistance of Internet marketing.

If you’re planning to establish a business, or are already on the way to improving your business, you can employ an online marketing company that manages all aspects starting with the design of a website for your business to using various strategies for marketing such as Internet marketing.

 Internet marketing will assist in enhancing your brand’s visibility in terms of sales, and traffic.


Digital marketing is a thrilling and creative field that offers numerous job opportunities. 

It’s a growing, exciting and fun-filled field where you can earn money using your endless imagination. 

It provides a variety of options for careers so that you can select your area of passion. 

You will be able to find a desirable job within the field of digital marketing as you build your expertise as well as acquire the knowledge and gain the knowledge. 

With unparalleled skills, training and a professional qualification that you’ll be the ideal person to pursue the most prestigious careers in the field of digital marketing, such as

  • Digital Marketing Expert
  • Social Media Analyst
  • Digital Campaigns Officer
  • HR Officer, Manager or CRM
  • Digital Account Manager
  • SEO/PC Analyst

Are Certificates Worth It?

How do you present your abilities in an interview , or  when someone asks you about your skills? What makes you think that another candidate with the same educational background, but with an official certificate was awarded the job, but not you?

They are typically regarded as documents that prove your skills and qualifications. They show your dedication to your profession and place you in the best position whenever you need to compete against other people to reach your goals.

Professional certifications help to build credibility in your profession which helps in the development in your professional career. Therefore, choosing a reputable establishment to obtain your professional diploma or degree is an important choice.



 Nexxa Digital Academy is among the top digital marketing institutes in Kerala. And it is one  of the best digital marketing training in Kerala.

The program is designed to prepare students for the possibility of a career as digital marketing specialist in Kerala. The program is based upon practical experiences and equips students with the skills to be a successful candidate for a job at any business all over the world. 

Professionals looking for the most current learning opportunities, Nexxa opens the door to the most efficient learning experience in digital marketing. 

Entrepreneurs should be aware of the various aspects of digital marketing to improve sales. Customized training packages are beneficial since they’re efficient and adaptable. 

The most efficient digital marketing institute located in Thrissur, Nexxa digital academy is an organization that is among the best trusted institutions within the realm of Nexxa corporates.




  • The chance to learn from a top digital marketing institution.
  • From fundamental to advanced digital marketing programs.
  • Earn money while studying.
  • Best placement among reputed firms.
  • Guaranteed Internship programs.
  • Live Projects that help you to showcase your expertises.


  • Develop your career by joining the best digital marketing school 
  • Flexible timing (Morning and Evening batches)
  • More importance to practical learning
  • Customized Packages
  • Work from home jobs


  • Boost Sales.
  • Enhance the image of your brand.
  • Will learn how to reduce expenses and maximize earnings.
  • Find the best platform to advertise your company.


  • Experienced Teachers
  • Guaranteed Internships
  • More importance of Practical sessions
  • One-to-One interaction
  • Limited Students

Both Online and Offline batches with flexible timings.


  1. Advanced Digital Marketing Course
  2. Integrated Digital Marketing Course
  3. Social Media Marketing Course
  4. Blogging Course
  5. Search Engine Optimization Course
  6. Customized Digital Marketing Course

Course Faculty

Sreeresh K, is one of India’s most famous electronic advertising experts. He and also his team of experienced experts will certainly direct you. And he is one of the best digital marketing expert in India.


Google standards Nexxa will certainly aid you to obtain a Google Certification, Facebook plan Certification, Hubspot Certificate and Microsoft accreditation. Candidates who finish the course effectively with minimal 90% attendance will obtain certificates of conclusion.


 Address :

3rd Floor, Suharsha Tower, Shoranur Road, Thrissur- 680001

Phone Number

(+91) 8129000633




Avivdigital is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a leading digital marketing course in Thrissur that teaches job-oriented courses and has a reputation for being prestigious.

Avivdigital provides the best digital marketing curriculum to help you achieve your career goals.

They are both Google and Bing Ads certified, which is the main attraction to the institute. The parent company has also been recognized as a trusted Google partner since 2012.

Avivdigital is a leading provider of online digital marketing course in Thrissur that you can access from your own home. This offers job seekers a bright future. AvivDigital also offers offline training in Calicut and Cochin.

Since 2011, the company has been able to provide trusted services to over 800 clients around the world.

The company has clients all around the globe, including the US, Middle East and Australia.

Avivdigital’s 5-month-long job-oriented digital marketing diploma program has been a hit due to its flexible course elements and live training, as well as the many benefits that come with being enrolled.

Major Highlights of the Course

  • Daily live Zoom training with professional monitoring.
  • Q&As are possible using Facebook’s private VIP groups.
  • You can also take training recorded classes for INR 9997.
  • 100% placement support guaranteed
  • More than 15+ international certificates or global recognitions
  • Training and preparation for mock interviews
  • Hands-on expertise on live assignments/projects.

Courses Syllabus

  • Social Media Marketing (SSM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Data Analysis and Tracking
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Contact Details




Cyphershot, a digital marketing agency that does everything in one, is your ideal marketing partner. Our team is a Google Partner and can help you get the results that your business needs. Our experience spans many industries and we have worked with many clients during our brief existence. We promise to do all we can to help you grow your business by providing a strong and efficient marketing team that is eager to achieve success.

Course Syllabus

  • Orientation & Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Personal Branding
  • Content Writing
  • WordPress Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Automation
  • Sales Funnels
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Instagram Influencer Mastery
  • Social Media Management
  • Agency Management
  • International freelancing

Contact Us

Email us at hello@cyphershot.in


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