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Are you looking to market any kind of Product?  Or are you looking to kick start your career in Digital Marketing?

Are you trying to succeed in business using marketing techniques?

The only suitable solution to all these queries is Digital Marketing.

Through extensive studies, we have discovered that the world is being shaped by digital technology and everything operates through digital media.

To achieve, the only thing that you need to do is to learn Digital Marketing.

Before joining, you must know about digital marketing course duration and fees in kerala.

We at NEXXA Digital Academy have been working in the field of Digital marketing long enough to create courses tailored for students and marketing employees.

In this blog, we intend to cover the complete details around the course like Digital Marketing Overview, Digital Marketing Course Duration and Fees, Digital Marketing Job prospects.

digital marketing course duration and fees

Digital Marketing Course duration and fees in Kerala

The length of the course and the fees structure can differ between institutes.

Today, there are numerous digital marketing institutions that can teach students the course.

Some of them have massive fee structures that aren’t in line with the content they provide while other institutions are also offering low fees, which at times isn’t so shrewd.

In Kerala the typical cost of a course in digital marketing ranges from 20,000 to 60,000.

Digital marketing course fee


The course fee can vary in accordance with the area of the institutes.  The only thing that we have to do is to select the most suitable institute for studying digital marketing since it will provide the necessary knowledge you need to be an effective digital marketing professional.

Many professionals are looking at the possibility of a career in digital marketing with the digital age evolving towards technological advancement.

Thus, the range of employment opportunities has increased and as a result, the people are drawn to the field of digital marketing. 

In this way, the need for institutions offering digital marketing training has drastically grown.

Thus, many institutions have begun to incorporate digital marketing classes into their courses.

A number of Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Kerala have launched new courses that will assist professionals in learning the art of digital marketing and aid students in making a career for themselves. We provide online as well as offline training for our students.

Take a look at our course duration & fee structure!


Course Duration  Average Fees
1 Month 5,000 – 15,000
2 Month 10,000 – 25,000
3 Month 15,000 – 30,000
6 Month 30,000 – 80,000

Digital Marketing Course Fees

digital marketing course fees & duration in kerala


The cost of a course in digital marketing varies from one institution to the next. In India there are a variety of institutions that offer digital marketing courses.

If the students are enrolling in a digital marketing course as an academic course the fees may differ between different institutes. Institutes determine the fees for courses based on the following elements:

● The type of institute

● Expert Trainers

● Training Approach for the Institute – (Theoretical or Practical)

● Mode of Training (Online or Offline)

● Status and rating of the college

Best digital marketing institute in kerala

digital marketing institute in kerala


Nexxa digital academy has been identified as among the top digital marketing institutions in Kerala.

The reason Nexxa digital academy is unique is because of its extensive knowledge in the field of digital marketing.

From Nexxa you had an opportunity to gain knowledge about strategies for digital marketing from a digital marketing firm.

The most efficient training can be provided only by a professional who has a thorough understanding of the digital marketing sector overall.

The trainers at Nexxa are specialists in the field of digital marketing, with an average of 5+ years of experience.

They were taught by a range of marketers, students, entrepreneurs, sales people trainers, owners of small and medium-sized businesses. They were following an up-to-date course that was developed following years of research and experience on the job.

They were updating their curriculums in line with the developments and discoveries of the digital world of today.

Nexxa digital academy offers online and offline training so that students choose the method of learning in accordance with their own schedules.

After course completion, all students are awarded nine sets of certificates, which will be useful and will last a lifetime.

They were given 100% placement opportunities that can help you expand your career and give you the chance to serve clients and chances to be considered for permanent placements.

The course is worth your time and money, because the training is conducted by experts in the field. The instructors are competent and they instruct the students live in real-time.

We provide a six-month free Internship for our students. This program will provide you with confidence and skills to move forward in your job..

If you’re searching for a location to learn digital marketing programs at the most reputable digital marketing Institute located in Kerala and the surrounding areas, then think about Nexxa Digital Academy.

Why, Nexxa Digital Differ from Others?

best digital marketing institute in Kerala


Nexxa Digital Academy offers digital marketing courses with internship.

An effective digital marketing practice and strategies can yield incredible results.

The best Digital Marketing courses in Kochi are developed by professionals who have decades of expertise.

Our course is constantly updated to reflect the most recent advancements in this field.

Our 100% Real-time live project, practical course, as well as direct contact with professionals working in the field can help you develop a deep understanding.

The proper training in Digital marketing can help students develop their professional abilities. Students will be taught to think from an economic perspective.

They’ll be able to consider the consequences of any decision. Earn certification through the most effective Digital Marketing Training in Calicut to acquire high-paying and lucrative abilities for a more successful job and a variety of job possibilities.


I hope this article will assist you in finding all the answers to your questions regarding Digital marketing courses, such as the training cost length, time frame, and career possibilities.

In case you’ve got any concerns about SEO Course details or fees for a course in digital marketing make a note in the comments box below. We will definitely respond to you with the most effective solutions to your questions.

Thank you

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