Which is best to choose Click funnel v/s Groove funnel?


clickfunnels vs groovefunnels


‘’ build a strategy based on the marketing funnel’’ – I always advise my interns whenever they are informed to come up with a strategy for clients.

The marketing funnel works based on Know- Like- Trust.

There is a dispute regarding who has invented the marketing funnel, whether it is a sales funnel or a marketing funnel.

Let us look at what is a digital marketing funnel

A marketing  funnel, describes the journey of a customer right from the awareness stage, and moved into consideration, and finally, conversion.

The marketing funnel helps to create content that align with each buyer stage.

The benefit is maximum conversion.Because the content is powerful to attract the audience in each stage and appeal to their emotions.

Have you heard about click funnel and groove funnel?



Let’s have a comparison about click funnel v/s groove funnel.

Are you wondering what this click funnel and groove funnel is?

From the name itself we understand that both of these are funnels. 

But you are still thinking about its pros , cons and how it helps a marketer, especially a digital marketer.

Here you are going to understand what are the factors to consider while picking one another and how it helps marketers to reach great heights.

Come on let’s have a look


Comparison between click funnel v/s groove funnel

What is a groove funnel ?

Groove funnel is an all in one tool that helps to build sales funnel, website and landing page to sell products online.
Very huge ,right?
But it is a new tool and its membership helps with different features like groove sell, groove mail, groove page etc.
But don’t rush to take the membership, there are 3 types of membership namely, base, silver and gold

What consists of groove funnel marketing tool

digital marketing funnel


As we said earlier, it is all in one marketing tool and its features differ based on the type of membership you have possessed.

Here is an overview about features of marketing tools offered by groove funnel.

Groove pages 

● This tool helps to build a sales funnel, website and landing page.

● It is a drag-and-drop tool.easy -peasy for marketers 

●Luckily, you don’t need to go behind go daddy or some other hosting providers.because groove funnel hosts your domain for free.

●Pop ups, the power of pop ups is never underrated , especially, the exit intent pop us is strong enough to draw customer data or it is converting 

● Countdown timers, it i great to add a sense of urgency to the visitor, it converts qualified leads instantly

● Device based customisation, marketers are free to customise , how their landing page, sales funnel or website must look in different platforms like desktop, tablet, ipad, etc.



Groove sell: A platform where you can sell physical products, membership, digital products and subscriptions.

Groove affiliate : yay! It is a good fortune for marketers, they can earn commission on people getting signed up.

Groove mail :email marketing solution right away, that is what groove mail assists our fellow marketers.it helps to tag subscribers, automate email sequence, and be able to broadcast voice and text too.

Groove member : groove member is one of the features of groove funnel, which help users to create and manage membership site.It provides a content management system that members can access certain content.

Groove video: this aids to upload and host video on the landing page.

Email leads :these tools support collecting , organizing and managing email leads.But this is not available in groove funnel free plan.

Groove quiz ; Groove quiz, a tool that assists to integrate quizzes in the sales page or landing pagee.it is best to do surveys to collect information about the target market. 

Email cart abandons : people always tend to abandon their cart, before purchasing, groove funnel help to send email to those who have abandoned their cart and grab the lost sale.


Groove funnel pricing 



What is clickfunnel ?

You have confusions around clickfunnel and its features, right ?
I am an ardent fan of clickfunnel.
I depend on clickfunnel many times and it has helped me alot.
By the by, let us look what click funnel is
As simple as it is , a click funnel is a series of online pages that is crafted intentionally to narrow down the visitors into qualified leads and ultimately customers.
But more than a marketing funnel, psychological factors lying there.
because each page is crafted with emotional factors. So there is a higher chance to convert the prospects into customers.

 What are the click funnel features?

click funnel

Clickfunnel features are enormous and can be used effectively to convert visitors into leads and finally customers.

Built-In templates :be it a membership site or a webinar or any landing page , there are hundreds of templates, and many of them are popular too.

So it is easy to choose whether you need a product launch, survey, home page or a landing page. So as per your need.

Click funnel backpack :it helps to start a Click funnel affiliate program. This tool helps to add affiliate programs to your sales funnel and it also assists to create different affiliates too.

A/B testing: it helps to identify poor elements by using multiple variants and find out which stays better.

Clickfunnel  Actionetics :this is one of the best features of clickfunnel which help for automation.it bridges the gap between marketing and sales funnel and it includes different features like email auto response, contact importing , email list management, performance analytics etc.

Custom domain hosting :click funnel enables you to add a custom domain to the platform , even if it is purchased outside.once your external domain is connected , you don’t need to use click funnel sub domain.

Payment gateway support: in click funnel, you don’t need to send your buyers to any other third party for payment. Payment gateways such as PayPal, Easy Pay Direct, Click Bank, Warrior Plus can be integrated to click funnels.

Performance Tracking : with click funnel analytics tool , you can access your performance.You can keep checking how many visitors you have, click -through rate, conversion and more.


Clickfunnel pricing 



A table as shown in the image



What I learnt from my experience

revenue growth

Without any doubt a marketer can speak about the importance of a marketing funnel. As a trainer, I have got several questions regarding click funnel v/s groove funnel.
Many budding marketers ask which is better to choose. I speak up from my experience.
I used a click funnel, and it is the best of the best. But groove funnel is new in the market and it’s all in one marketing tool.Groove funnel is coming with many updates and we can expect better performance from groove funnel too.
In digital marketing services, marketing funnels are essential for conversions.
What are your thoughts regarding the marketing funnel?
Express your opinions over groove funnels and click funnels.