Best 5 Competitor analysis SEO tools I recommend 



Some people find competition nasty, but legends view it as an extreme necessity.

The whole world is competing with one another in this fast forward aeon. if you are sitting back thinking “we should mind our own business”.

Then listen to me, it’s high time you should change your mentality.

identifying and understanding your competitors isn’t peeping. It’s efficient analysis.Efficiency to grow your own dynasty.

In this article, you’ll see the Best 5 Competitor analysis SEO tools I recommend.

Get out of the box and explore what’s outside. After all, it’s just a box. You’ve got a lot out there.

Best 5 competitor analysis seo tools i recommend – competitor analysis benefits

Best 5 Competitor analysis SEO tools I recommend


The basic question, why should you analyse or identify your competitors?

for instance, just imagine that you are doing a business or you are running a shop in a street where there are a bunch of other businesses or other people who are running shops with the same products as yours.

So what happening here is basic human nature- to survive.

To survive, everyone is competing with each other for results for the same thing.

But this teaches us a big lesson. Jay Baer once said,

“If your competitors start copying you, then you are doing something right!”

When everyone is focused on a similar niche, you’ll automatically develop a sense where you think what should I do to excel others so that I can acquire more leads or more customers.

This is why competitor analysis is important.

For this, you have to know what strategies and tactics are used by others that get them leads and customers.

So that you can have an idea of how you should improve in terms of strategies; so that you can show your audience that you have better than others.

See it’s that simple and it’s quite important.

People don’t have a commitment to any particular brand or business. It’s we who have to be committed to them. We need to focus on aspects which can hold our customers tight along with bringing new ones.

People always want better. If they see you are better among the others, then automatically they will turn towards you and this is the basic human Instinct that “humans always want the better”. this is what we have to take advantage of. try to be always better than others. For that, you need to know what others are doing.

Don’t get yourself into any guilt that you are peeping into someone else’s business. These are the digital marketing services that multinational corporations provide and accept for their business growth.

it’s not someone else’s business; it’s your business to understand and get a clear idea of what your companions or competitors are doing who have the same niche as yours’s. This is a tactic for mere survival, sometimes for improvement too. The tactics that the best digital marketing trainers use.

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What you’ll get from the best competitor analysis tools

best competitor analysis tools

Before getting acquainted with the best SEO competitor analysis tools,

let’s check what all you can do with the recommending committee the analysis tool.

➤ Identify your competitors – there are a million websites in the search engines in which there will be another million websites that share your niche. So it is quite a task to find your competitors. SEO competition tools will help you to find your competitors with minimal effort.

➤ Analyse their off-page activities – with the best, SEO competition tool you can easily check your competitors off-page SEO activities and what tactics they use to increase their off-page SEO ranking.

➤ Find their backlink resources – backlinks can be tagged as the backbones for off-page SEO ranking. how strong are your backlinks? The stronger your off-page SEO ranking grows. You can easily find where your competitors get strong and quality backlinks and you can use the same and similar platforms to acquire quality backlinks for your website as well.

➤ Research competitors websites – the analysing tools help you to research your competitor’s website. they will provide the most accurate information about the websites. Their DA, UA, DR, etc. This can help you to have a vague idea of how you have to perform when it comes to you.

➤ Find the marketing tactics – with the right tools you can find your competitors marketing strategies and tactics. Perform with their leads. how they convert leads into conversions. What are their off-page engagements, etc?

These are the common yet most demanded aspects of any competitor analysis tool.

You have to keep one thing in mind that all these go both ways.

Your competitors can also use competitor analysis services and get all the same info about you. Don’t lag yourself. be the first, be the quickest.

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 the best 5 competitor analysis seo tools i recommend


✥ SEMrush Competitor Analysis

SEMrush is always one at the top for me. The kind of easiness that they provide I haven’t experienced that anyone else. They have the policy of minimal effort and maximum outcome which seem to be more eye-catching to me.


✔ Traffic Analytics

✔ Market Explorer

✔ Organic Research

✔ Keyword Gap

✔ Backlink Analytics

✔ Advertising Research

✔ Backlink Gap

✔ Display Advertising

✔ PLA Research

✔ Brand Monitoring

✔ Topic Research

✔ Post Tracking

✔ Social Media Tracker

Competitive research




✥ Ahrefs Competitor Analysis

Ahrefs is my companion when I have a need for precise and accurate results. All the results are shown in Ahrefs mostly precise and there are never disappointed me.


✔ Research organic traffic

✔ Search backlinks

✔ Research paid keywords

✔ Research pages

✔ Search outgoing links

Site explorer




✥ Spyfu Competitor Analysis

The thing that I like about spyfu is the easiness at work and the vast, wider results and also the spyfu extension feature. They have this immense amount of results in various aspects. But the huge amount doesn’t affect the process of filtering our needs making it to the list of the Best 5 Competitor analysis SEO tools I recommend


PPC competition research

✔ Google ads competitor keyword spy tool

✔ Monitor PPC competitors

✔ Find competitors’ keywords you don’t already buy

✔ Google ads advisor- our best Google ads keyword research

✔ Competitor Google ads campaign and ad test history

✔ PPC navigate match recommendations

✔ PPC ad rank tracker

SEO competitor research

✔ Research competitors SEO keywords

✔ Spy on your competition

✔ Multi competitor keyword tool

✔ Complete keyword ranking history

✔ Custom branded SEO client reports

✔ Check competitors backlinks by keyword

✔ Influencer marketing – social outreach for backlinks

✔ Track your SEO keyword rankings

Alt= 9 



✥ Similarweb Competitor Analysis

I’ve experienced many times that similarweb provides self research-based results. And the results will be an accurate majority of the time and the latter will go almost as accurate. Even though they provide self research-based results they’ve never disappointed me.


✔ Analyze competitors’ marketing mix strategies

✔ Competitive SEO & content analysis

✔ Uncover competitors’ affiliates & referrals strategies

✔ PPC & Display campaign intelligence

Marketing competitive analysis


On page champ competitor analysis


✥ On Page Champ Competitor Analysis

On page champ has always shown me deeply detailed results. We can go through the in-depth matters here, and coincidentally I have got much more informations that had come in pieces of information handy to me even though I was not prepared for that


✔ Comparison of page title

✔ In-depth checking meta description

✔ URL checking

✔ Analysing subheadings H1 to H6

✔ Keyword density

✔ Measurement of LSI keywords

✔ Analysing page speed

✔ Moz DA and PA

✔ Domains age

✔ Length of the contents

✔ Ranking position of the page

Serp audit

➩ Wrapping it up,

So that was me giving “Best 5 Competitor analysis SEO tools I recommend”.

Even in the end, I am stressing on the points that you should never consider analysing your competitors as something cheap or nasty.

If you are intelligent you will understand the value of analysing your competitors and moving forward according to the records and places you have collected.

Once you know what others are doing and you have an idea of what you have to do then you can only move forward. You’ll never look back.

Hope all that info comes in handy for you.

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