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The best SEO Experts in Kerala assists to rank your website, paying attention to the minute details to your business. Once business comes to existence, most entrepreneurs strive hard to flourish and prosper.

During this online era, SEO consultants in Kerala are blooming significantly and helping businesses of all sizes to progress, thrive and succeed.

How Freelance SEO Expert in Kerala Assist You..

‘SEO expert in Kerala’ the designation was a distant dream once I started my journey.

Undoubtedly, I can say my SEO exploration started intending to rank my blog. Without a mentor; learning SEO was highly difficult. The word ‘difficult’ may underestimate my toiling.

Jokes apart, practice is the hardest part of learning while the consequence is enlightenment. It happened in my SEO voyage; I tried to be an SEO freelancer in Kerala and deliver free-service.


Yes!! offer free service, no charges. It helped me to accumulate projects. Clients started approaching me and I regard projects as my stepping stone into an SEO jobs.

Experiments failures were my companions during the initial stage.


Slowly, I got a hold on SEO, understanding the hidden mystery about SEO feels like SEO is as easy as pie .I enjoyed the work I’m doing and the on page seo service free of charge helps me to do more experiments and learn many significant details.


This is a story from 5 years ago..  Now the scenario changes;

I started accepting projects with confidence and I can say optimistically, a dream doesn’t become real by magic; hard work and determination are the foundation.


seo expert in kerala
Freelance SEO expert

Freelance SEO Service in kerala

As I said, I strive to be one among SEO freelancers in Kerala. After trial and error, I ranked a particular keyword within 3 weeks; It added a glow to my confidence.

Subsequently, my confidence rose, but it didn’t stay longer…the website got down again.

An unseen mystery was revealed there, I understood where I failed, realised my mistakes and again worked hopefully. After that I started to charge a meagre amount for each project.

Gradually, I recognise all great things are simple; if hope can be a powerful tool.

What I can offer you today, is a work that is top-notch in quality and a website that ranks higher in the search engine result page where on-page SEO, off-page , technical SEO and Local SEO services is not just a word. It is a guarantee, and complete assurance.

When I am involved in a project; i deeply understand the business types of the audience it comprises, what kind of change a product or service can bring to the audience, features, benefits and moreover the requirement of the client.

Afterwards, I worked upon it. So far, I have done around ….projects from different circles and I can accept any projects wholeheartedly.

Each lesson I learnt, the errors I did, and the experiment I undertook laid a firm foundation for me to be a great seo expert in kerala.

How SEO consultant in Kerala can help you

SEO consultant in Kerala understands your requirements ,makes an extensive study around your niche and comprehensive errors you did, perceives strengths and weaknesses of your website, and delivers a service that you wish to have.

An SEO audit undertaken by an SEO consultant unfolds the important aspect of SEO your business needs to have.

Moreover, SEO consultants alter your website into a revenue driven marketing platform, stay ahead of competition, convey brand message effectively, and generate more profit .

Perfectly designed SEO strategies can bring all these changes!!

Increase Organic Website Traffic

seo consultant in kerala

First and foremost, the important aspect of SEO is to write for your buyer persona so that you can determine to whom you’re sending your content.

f you create educational content that appeals to your ideal audience then you’ll automatically improve the quality of SEO.

As a freelance SEO expert Kerala,This is a way of addressing the most important aspects of your character and the keywords they employ in their search queries.

Optimizing for search engines by itself is not a good idea as all you’ll end up with is useless keyword-ridden nonsense.

At any cost, I am trying to address your buyer’s personas correctly, and you’ll also please search engines as well as your audience alike.
Inorder to drive unlimited organic website traffic,, the trio must go hand in hand.

On Page SEO

It is essential to seriously consider your SEO on-page strategy If you want search engines to provide you with top page visibility.

There has been a lot of change in the past two decades. Even though Google still scrutinises inside your website and keyword stuffing has stopped in the past because it degrades the user experience.

When the Google search algorithm becomes more sophisticated, on-page SEO elements will become more crucial. If properly executed, on-site SEO allows search engines to be able to comprehend your content for them to prioritize the relevant websites for particular search terms.

The users will appreciate the clarity and organization that on-page optimization can provide.

Off Page SEO

Off page seo is an umbrella term that indirectly helps to boost the website to give higher visibility.

A commonly held belief, that is quite popular, that off page SEO is acquiring as much as backlinks.
But while working off seo you must consider domain authority, relevance, traffic and link type.

The creation of link is the core of off-page SEO. Backlinks are indicators of content linked to quality. Therefore, a site with a large number of backlinks is more likely to rank higher than a site that has fewer backlinks.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the method of making sure that a website is compatible with the technical requirements of modern search engines, with the aim of improving organic ranking.

Key aspects that comprise Technical SEO include crawling, rendering, indexing, and website architecture.
For your website to be fully optimized for SEO on technical terms the pages on your website need to be safe, mobile optimised completely free from redundant content as well as fast loading… as well as thousands of other aspects that are essential to technical optimization.

It doesn’t mean your technical SEO needs to be perfect in order to be ranked. It’s not.
However, the more simple you make it easier for Google to get access to your website, the greater chances you will rank.

Those steps taken as Freelance SEO consultant in Kerala for better results

Technical SEO

Keyword Research

The keyword research method in search engine optimization to research and find terms that users type into search engines when searching for services, products as well as general data.

As a seo expert in Kerala,i conduct precise research without fail.


Website Analysis

Website Analysis

If you own a website, as a part of website analysis conduct tests and analyze your site’s performance with respect to SEO speed, competition, and traffic.

Any website could benefit from some type of analysis on its website if the findings are applied to improve it, for instance in reducing the size of a page to improve overall speed, or by optimizing a landing page that has a lot of traffic to ensure higher conversion rates


 Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

In seo service Kerala, Every company will benefit from regular analysis of competitors.

Through conducting an analysis of competitors will allow you to Recognize areas of opportunity in the market and make changes accordingly.

Create new products and services based on the needs of customers,Uncover market trends and observe the trends in the market.


Content Analysis

Content Analysis

A content analysis for websites also known as a content audit is the process of analyzing every single piece of content you have on your website pages and posts, videos, blog posts or landing pages, and much more, and assessing their strengths, flaws, and its current condition.


On Page SEO

On Page SEO

On-page SEO is crucial as it assists search engines to understand your website and the content and assess whether the site is relevant to the searcher’s inquiry.

As search engines get more sophisticated, there’s an increased focus on the relevance and semantics of the search results web pages (SERPs).

Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO

Off-page SEO or backlink building service assists in increasing the credibility of your website as well as its authority.

In the absence of it, your website will always rank lower than sites that already have the advantage of having a larger lead.

Although links aren’t all off-page indicators Google’s algorithm uses to rank websites, they are possibly the most important of all.

Local SEO

Local SEO

Local SEO aids in building a website’s reputation and domain authority. If you don’t have it, your website will continue to rank lower than sites that already have an impressive lead.

While links aren’t one of the primary signals off page Google’s algorithm utilizes to rank websites however, they are possibly the most important of them all.


Technical SEO

Technical SEO

The term “technical SEO” refers to an important aspect of SEO to the method of ensuring that the website’s content meets specifications for technology of the modern search engines in order to achieve higher organic ranking.


Key components in Technical SEO include crawling, rendering, indexing, and web site architecture.

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How do I become an SEO expert in india?

You can become an SEOexpert in India by developing your skills. And if you want to expand your skill set you must be working hard and smart for it, for that you can even join the best seo course for  a better growth.

How much does SEO cost?

SEO services can be priced according to different plans. And it also differs according to the location and competition. One thing is that the best seo company in kerala can assure you effective results within a reasonable budget.

What is a freelance SEO expert?

Freelance SEO expert is someone who is professional in seo and can position your brand in the top list for major keywords too and can help to drive immense traffic to your website thus helping your business grow

What is the future of seo?

Believe it or not, the future of SEO can’t be described in a few words. For detailed understanding check out the blog post “What is the Future of SEO? Undeniable facts”.Read it now and thank me later. I am sure it will help you to collect much knowledge.

How to do an SEO audit for a website step by step?

How to do an SEO audit for a website step by step?
If you are keen to know how to do an SEO audit, l am happy to share one of the entries which will help to do an SEO audit in several steps.

What is the scope of SEO services in Kerala?

Look everywhere around you, everything turned digital and people depend on internet based facilities to implement different tasks. So, there is no doubt about the scope of SEO services in Kerala

But be an eye on the seo expert in Kerala and be practical while selecting an seo expert.

And focus on what strategies they are using for better results .